Kurt Warner is the man that will make or break the Blackouts hopes


With the preseason starting in less then a week and the regular season still a months time away, many are starting to speculate about what the inaugeral SMFL season will bring. Will the smash mouth ground pounding game of the Calgary Crusaders led by Emmit Smith be enough to go all the way. Or will it be the all out air assault from Zaires Brett Farve that will take the title in the end. Many believe that it is defense that will get you to the big show and one team that agrees with this statement has tobe Mosse Junction Orange Crush led by 2 outstanding defensive performers in Derrick Brooks and the always steller John Lynch.

But as everyone ponders what will take who to the big show, you must admit that all eyes will be on Shaolins pivit Kurt Warner not only does he command the leagues highest salary but he takes the Blackouts offense to another dimension. When reporters caught up to Warner between snaps at a Shaolin practice he had this to say about him being in the spot light. "It's nice to know that you are a marked man, to me that shows that you are special. But one must remember football is a team sport and if I falter there are other tremendously talented players on this roster that can take up the slack. We have Stephan Davis who is just so exciting to watch, we got Mushin Muhammed who is one of the premier WR's in this league. On defensive we have are bright spots aswell Coakley and Sharper will take are defense to the next level and Sanders and Springs will make are secondary as exciting as any in this league. To sum it up we have the talent and the tools to win it all this year"

Well there you go in a few short weeks the season will start and we will all see what it takes to win in this league.

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