Brett Farves 7.2 million dollar contract is part of the reason Zaire is 3.9 million over the salary cap.


As the drafting in SMFL came to a close late saturday night, 11 teams have found themselves to be over the salary cap. The Zaire Ebola Viruses lead the way with there roster totalling 59,796,000.

As we spoke to dave hauser the owner of the Virus he just shoke his head and said "Are scouts got carried away. We are gonna have are work cut out in the next few days to make some cuts and try to trade some players to come in below the salary cap, but hey thats all part of the game RIGHT!!!!!

The Ebola Virus weren't the only team to find themselves in salary cap trouble as drafting came to a close. In total 10 more teams have went over the cap limit. These teams include Shaolin, Tempe, West Texas, Calgary, Loyalsock, Optima, Fresno, CFL Rejects, Legend and New England. The next week or so will be interesting to see how these teams decide to make up some cap room thats for sure.

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