Steve Beurlein has fumbled his way across a few SMFL teams this week.


The past 48 hours have been hectic at SMFL. As teams scramble to get the perfect mix in there chemistry and owners trying to get there key man. A total of 6 trades seeing 14 players switch teams have been made.

This week has been especially hectic on one Steve Beurlein as he now has been dealt to his second team this week. Beurlein who was originally picked in the first round 5th overall thought he was going to be the future for the Grand Rapids Rampage. But that all changed when Rapids Owner decided to send Beurlein packing as he traded him to the Shaolin Blackout for Drew Bledsoe. As Steve arrived at the Shaolin stadium to get settled into his new home he soon found out that Owner Josh Plotkin traded his services to Toronto Sky Force for one Kurt Warner.

Speaking to Steve Buerlein he has stated to us that he is very tired of all this moving around, He just wants to go to a team and stay put at least until they could see how he performs on the field before they trade him again.

In other trade news around the SMFL, we saw Shaolin trade Eddie George and a couple of draft picks to Woodland Hills for Stephan Davis and a couple of picks. Woodland Hills then turned around and put Eddie George into a package with Shaun King and a few picks and sent them to the Estoria lynch Mob for Curtis Martin and Chris Chandler and a couple of picks. Toronto Sky Force then got into the action as they send Warrick Dunn and Mushin Muhammed to Estoria for a couple of picks. Then moments later Sky Force made a deal with Optima getting 2 more draft picks while sending Mark Dixon to the Cowboys. And to round out the trading Estoria and the ever active Shaolin made a deal sending Mushin Muhammed and Frank Middleton to estoria for Keyshawn Johnson and a 11th round pick.

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