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Standard Set (may use 3-4 or 4-3)

note: software requires 2 DEs in all sets.
It also requires either two DTs or 1 DT
and 1 ILB in all sets.)

DT (1 or 2) ,
DE (Need 2 in all sets) ,
ILB (1 or 2) ,
OLB (Need 2) ,
CB (Need 2) ,
Safety (Need 2) ,

5 DB (nickel) set

Remove LB or lineman from standard D.
(Remember, you need to keep two DEs
in all sets. And if using just one DT,
you need to keep an ILB in all sets.)

6 DB (dime) set

remove another LB or lineman from
standard D

7 DB (quarter) set

remove yet another backer or lineman
from standard D

short yardage

drop a DB from standard set
Add a Tackle or End


drop another DB from short
yardage set
Add A Linemen
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