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Every Night-Recruit Night Tonight at 4:30pm-to-10:30pm CST
03/11/00-New Rules and Links Added
03/11/00-New Images Added
03/11/00-New Art Added
Allies/Enemies page coming soon
03/11/00-Information Page is added/completed
03/11/00-Page is finnaly up and running

  1. Respect your leaders
  2. No backstabbing your fellow clan members
  3. Always have a "bot" in the channel so it won't get taken over
  4. DO NOT consort with other tags unless they wish to join "Spawned Hatred"
  5. DO NOT try to hack bots of other clan members
  6. NEVER go into an enemy channel, unless u choose to get information, or try to start a clan war.
  7. DO NOT play game with enemy's, unless we are having clan wars!
  8. You can tell people off if they cheat, kick your @ss and be unfair about it.
  9. Always be on time for meetings {7:30PM Saturday's Central Time}
  10. When playing/talking don't call member's by real names use our nick names. That's why we make nicknames up for!!!
    Click on some of the links below to check out our members or to join!

    New members please read the information page and E-mail your profile to me. The link is on the Info. page.

    Click here for a list of members and our leadership structure.

    Click here for our Information Center.

    Click here for our points system and ranking.

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