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Welcome the world of Neminekor. Neminekor is a vast world which many different humanoids thrive in. Come join the Role-Playing Message Board, chat in the chatrooms or just mearly watch what is going on. The Library of the Wizer has ordered a new set of books, feel free to check them out. If you are just starting out, visit the rules section, and you would probably wanna checkout the other books aswell for your character history. Go to the message boards to start your adventures.

Good luck, and may Angor keep an eye one you.

Library of the Wizer

Neminekor Message Boards

Neminekor Chatrooms

All the history, rules, and tales of Neminekor

Join today, and start your adventures in Neminekor.

West Guile


Use this Chatroom for Role-Playing


You can know email us at for suggestions, questions, or just to say hi.