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Post any questions on our SWAT equipment our Forum, thank you.

Our SWAT Equipment

This page is to display the mainly tactical weapons our team uses. We _never_ use these in a stock game, as they are all against the rules, and we believe stock is a purists game, set forth for those who can tolerate strict rules and tactical style of paintball's early days.

Air Cannon

This is my (Clay) own air cannon. This can be used to shoot paintballs (40-ish), water balloon rounds, grenades, smoke bombs, liquids, squirrels --- woops. A great tac. weapon for defense, long range surprise attacks, or to look cool carrying it around on the field. What you see here is a fifty round burst from 15 yards, this would rip a cloth bunker wall right off! Made from a design found all over the shteenking eenternet. This is NOT an explosive based cannon, as they are NOT safe and NOT legal in a lot of places. Unfortunately, she just met with a horrible accident. A rather disgruntled player took the liberty of smashing her against a tree while she sat off the court and out of play in the deadbox, as we were not using it that game. She broke.

However, a new model has been well refined and we plan to have one for EACH team member up and running by the 24 hour game this spring break. We will definately post pics as soon as they are done and let you know how they turn out.


Grenades, grenades, grenades... It all depends on what kind you use. We for one, do NOT support any explosive based grenade as cool as they may be to chuck at each other. For one, they are quite dangerous, for two, they tend to...suck..., and three, one and two combined are just no fun. We use the Squadbuster/Bouncing Betty style. They are a decent weapon if you can use em right, but you know, you just don't feel prepared without the cool gidgets and wubdingers, so most of have a few hanging on our webbing all the time. Only one time I recall have I seen someone make a grenade throw that would have taken someone out, and that grenade hit the ground, spun one quarter turn, and emptied all it's contents into what became an Easter blue puddle on the ground.


Sidearms are carried by all three members of our team. Mine are a PGP and a Daisy Eagle .68 (BAD BAD BAD GUN), Falzo and Joe carry PGP's.Many scorn sidearms, but for someone who wants a little challenge or for the MilSim, AltBall enthusiast, there is no question as to the value of a sidearm. We may also use these for stock play as our primaries sometimes.

Ghillie Suits

This is my ghillie suit (ill have a pic soon). I finally finished it and I will have a pic up as soon as I can. For now I only have a full shirt, no pants section, but I believe regular cammies will be sufficient for the base. I'll try for a pic as soon as I can get some film developed.