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Team Third Rail's Review of Online Suppliers

Here we are starting a collection of reviews, ratings and comments on the online shops we've used for your reference. Post any comments in the Forum. Shops are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best. We rated each area seperately and then gave an overall opinion. Toodles.

-Captain Clay


Customer Service: (1) Non-existent. Numbers on website don't match up when you place an order, never found much help with operators, and have had orders screwed up.

Selection: (4) Very good. The only reason we didn't give Skanline a collection of 4 letter words instead of a review. They sttock almost everything.

Prices: (3) Good

Quality of Products: (2) Have recieved faulty, poor packaged equipment.

Reasons for ratings : Customer service is the worst I've ever encountered. Shipping/tracking numbers have been incorrect and untracable. I have twice recieved faulty products, directions on their own products are absolutely minimal, and they will take nearly no returns, and we have had a hard time getting in touch with them over the phone. We highly discourage anyone from Skanline, especially East Coast residents. Price and selection are totally over compensated for by the horrible service and shoddy practices.


Customer Service: {3} No complaints.

Selection: (3) Somewhat lacking

Price: (5) Excellent

Quality of Products: (1) Poor

Overall : 50 bucks for a case of Pro-Ball sound to good to be true? Well, it is. Recieved 2nds rounds, which were not advertised as such, and one of our PGP's came from here, covered in cruddy caked stuff and red mystery goo. This place must be selling bad lots of stuff, stay away.


Customer Service : (5) The best company I've dealt with for service. Order tracking's been good and the folks are pretty helpful.

Selection : (4) Very good, but not quite everything you go looking for, like accesories for... well, less accesorized guns

Price : (4) Very good. I have only found better prices from places that sell you bad stuff.

Quality : (5) Excellent. Don't send you junk, thing's are packed up well, paint's been fresh, no complaints.

Overall : My favorite store. I have no complaints, other than a few products I can't buy from them, and that's no big deal. This is by far our favorite store, we definately reccomend it.


Customer Service : (3) Ok, but Slush had them actually send him the wrong *gun* once...

Selection : (4) Quite good, but the site is put together a little stupidly... like you find a barrel by length, not brand.

Price : (4) Very good as well.

Quality : (4) Paint's ok, the rest is good.

Overall : Decent store, not the best but sure not the worst.