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Team News

August 27th. Decision by the leadership of SWaW:

Well, there are a few reasons we have started a three man team, and dropped the seven man idea. Firstly, with a seven man team, of all good players, we had nearly no one to play here. Secondly, a few members have done things which truly upset the leadership of SWaW, and we do not believe they should be tolerated. We support a Cimmerian-like honor based play, and some members, shall we say, do not fit the bill. Thirdly, myself, Falzo, and Slush tend to form the best, tightest partnership, and we really feel we could go a ways in three man tourneys.

To all former members of SWaW, we wish you, and the new team you likely will form, good luck in whatever direction you may go.

No hard feelings.

-Captain Clay

Month of November 2000

- Two changes. First, we are changing our name to Team Third Rail. Why? Sounds tougher, easier to say, breaks away from the over popular acronym.

- Next, we are now going stock class as well. We will not be strictly stock, cause we think that playing in all the scopes of the game is the funnest part. We are still into woodball scenarios, AltBall, and the like, and I still have an incessant obsession (redundancy in the fifth degree) to cannons and mortars. However, stock is a very fun way to play, and you should see the cocker jockeys and mag men blush when they womped out by a PGP.

- Team Third Rail