Might and Magic: Day of the Destroyer
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We welcome you to our Might and Magic 8 site

Might and Magic: Day of the Destroyer is the eighth game to be realeased by 3DO of the Might and Magic series. 3DO has given up the numbering system for the RPGs, and this is not being considered internally as either a sequel or an expansion to MMVII, but as a kind of "new direction" for the series.

The first thing to know is that it will use the same engine featured in the last game, but with a couple long-requested, long overdue refinements: mouse look and wide-screen mode. The game takes place in Enroth again, but it's focus is different. This time, you'll be playing from the "dark" side, and amoung your potential party members will be such creatures as dragons, minotaurs, lizardmen, necromancers, vampires, and liches. You'll actually start the game alone (a first for this series), and will be able to recruit up to five others. New World Computing is working hard to create actual backstories and agendas for the NPC party members, so that they'll be more than just a collection of stats.

New World said that choosing alliances with other characters will factor big, and will affect how the game plays out.


We've had the site up for a quite a while now and haven't had much news. But we have added a lot to it. I think our best feature on our site is the Maps section. I'm still thinking on making a Might and Magic 9 site so well see. I'm hoping to incorporate flash into it and make it all wired up... and make it cool :) So thank you guys for visiting :)


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Cricket, Snoova, Jack, Hero and Robert specialize in the Might and Magic series. We are just fans of the Might and Magic series and are not employees of 3DO or New World Computing.

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