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Rachel's Amazing Natural Litterz

Here you will find dog litterz provided by Rachel! Everything on this page is hers (the rules, the litterz, etc.) so DO NOT EMAIL MC ABOUT THE LITTERZ ON THIS PAGE!


1. You MUST keep the show name and "KORN" as its prefix, you can also put yours in if you like. I ask you to do this because I have put a lot of thought in the show names, and they are hard to think of.

2. You have to give me at least 3 sentences as to why you want the puppy, I have spent a lot of time making these litterz, so I'm gonna be picky.

3. If you can't take care of the puppy any more then send him/her back to me and I will find it a home or keep it.

4. Only 1 puppy per person. I will only send out one copy of the puppy then I am deleting that file for good. I also must give other people a chance to adopt these adorable thingz.

5. You must copy and fill out the form and e-mail it to me at

To Adopt A Puppy

Send this information to Rachel at, NOT MC!

Name of the pet you want:
Do you agree to the rules?
What are your plans for the puppy?
How many runaways have you had (tell the truth)?
Will you send me update pics (if not, that's okay)?
Why did you pick this pet?
Your URL:
Your email address:

Pick of the litter: Teddy

Joe ~ Male ~ KORN's Mighty Joe ~ Needs a home
Orange ~ Male ~ KORN's Tangerine SheepDog ~ Adopted
Teddy ~ Male ~ KORN's Joy of Fluff ~ Adopted
Tina ~ Female ~ KORN's Sheepish Little Girl ~ Needs a home


Pick of the litter: Vanilla

**You do not need any special breed files to play with these petz**
Albino ~ Male ~ KORN's Return of the Albino Dog ~ Needs a home
Cinder ~ Male ~ KORN's Red Red Wine ~ Needs a home
Candy ~ Female ~ KORN's Red Licorice ~ Needs a home
Vanilla ~ Female ~ KORN's Two Cherries Please ~ Needs a home


Pick of the litter: Spunky

**You do not need any special breed files to play with these petz**
Nite ~ Male ~ KORN's Sweet Midnight Ride ~ Needs a home
Brink ~ Male ~ KORN's Wipe Out ~ Adopted
Ollie ~ Male ~ KORN's Street Player ~ Adopted
Spunky ~ Male ~ KORN's Dog with Pazaze ~ Adopted


Pick of the litter: Syrup

**You do not need any special breed files to play with these petz**
Syrup ~ Male ~ KORN's Sticky Situation ~ Adopted
Cinda ~ Female ~ KORN's Have A Drink ~ Needs a home
Ginuwine ~ Male ~ KORN's Rapper with Taste ~ Needs a home
Zip ~ Female ~ KORN's Zippy Attitude ~ Needs a home