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Ever had problems getting two petz to mate? Or a stubborn petz won't pose for a show pic? You've come to the right place!

Petz Won't Mate

If two of your petz won't mate and you've given up, just send them to me with this info:

 Their current relationship (ex. friendship, hate, ignore each other)
 How long you've been trying to get them to mate
 Don't forget BOTH petz! (I can take catz and dogz, 3 and 4)

Show Pose Pic

If you can't get your petz to pose, just send him/her to me with this info:

 Petz' show name
 Breed (If siamese, stretch or sit pose?)

I will get your petz back to you as soon as possible! And, if I can't get your petz to mate or take a decent show pose pic, I'll send you something in consolation. :o)

Stuck Pregnancy

If you have a stuck pregnancy, I suggest going to:

CCK's Danes

Webpage Services

To my surprise, I've had quite a number of people email me to ask for help with their site! I am always happy to help anyone with (almost) anything, so email away! My real specialty is helping with Angelfire sites...just don't ask me questions about servers (ex. Why does Geocities do such-and-such? How do I get Tripod to do blah blah blah?).


This service is being offered by Catz6000! Just send the pet you want to be trained to Petz 3 and petz that aren't specially hexed for Petz 4 accepted.