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WARNING! Do NOT view this page if you like any boy bands OR Britney Spears! You WILL find the contents OFFENSIVE!

What is P.A.B.B.A.B.S.?

Petz Against Boy Bands And Britney Spears

Boy Bands meaning groups like *N Sync and Backstreet Boys
Britney Spears meaning...well, Britney Spears, little Ms. Hit Me Baby

The Purpose of P.A.B.B.A.B.S.

To get every Petz website owner out there who dislikes Boy Band and Britney Spears dislikers (I would use the word "haters" but that could offend a lot of people, not that this page isn't going to make a lot of them mad anyway...heh heh...oh well) to join together!

If you support this cause, please post one or more of these graphics (the oval is a .gif) on your webpage and link it back to DSCK (

I would also appreciate it if you would email me your URL if you decide to post one of these graphics on your site.

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Thank you, Alyssa, for sending this graphic in!
This picture and the dogz in this picture are edited and owned by Alyssa, at