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Hi, It's Nova again! I just love to host these pages! Opal does, too, but she won't admit it. ;o)



Site of the Fortnight

Okay, hear me out on my reasoning for this: I figured since a lot of sites have a "Site of the Week" or a "Site of the Month" contest, I'd go the road less traveled, hence forth "Site of the Fortnight." And for all you people out there that don't know, a fortnight is 2 weeks.

There will be a specific time period in which you can send entriez in that are posted below. If your site doesn't win, you will have to enter again if you would still like to become the Site of the Fortnight.

Accepting entriez from
7/28 to 8/11

Winner will be posted

If you want to try for the Site of the Fortnight, send this information to MC:

Your Name:
Your URL:
Your Email Address:
Attach (or EMBED, AOL USERS!!) your site's banner

If your site becomes the "Site of the Fortnight" your link/banner will be featured on DSCK's main page for (hey, what do you know?) 2 weeks.

Caption Contest

All you have to do is think of something funny that one of these petz might be saying and email it to me! Just click on the pic of the pet to email me your caption for the pic! All you have to include is your caption, your name, and your email address. I want at least 5 entriez for each pic, whoever sends in the funniest caption will win a cool mixed breed from me!

entriez have/entriez needed

I'll post another dog pic ASAP! Oh, and only one entry per pic per person!


Uh oh! The Easter Bunny hid some eggs for my petz, but they didn't find one! Now it has gone rotten and it's smelling up DSCK! Please find it so we can smell clean air again! It looks like this: