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I've switched over to a scoring system to grade sites! (Idea from Double "B" Kennelz & Kattery. Thank you Becky!) Here it is (Please note: I am a VERY hard/mean/critical judge!! I've had some people complain that I'm too critical, and I admit I am VERY critical. But that's the point of applying for an Award, isn't it? Knowing that you really accomplish something BY getting it?):

20 points ~ Content
1.) You have several things to do on your page.
2.) Those things have to have some real meaning, not just "Linkz" and "My Petz." Downloads are a good thing.

15 points ~ Layout
1.) Your site is easily navigable, visitors don't have to search and search for links to other parts of your site.
2.) Visitors can get to every page on your site from every page on your site. In other words, you can't just have links to things on your site from your homepage so people have to keep pressing the back button. There will be major deductions if you don't have this.

15 points ~ Graphics
1.) Your graphics are original, a few from other sites (as long as they aren't breaking a copyright) are acceptable.
2.) Minimal broken images, I understand that these may be your server's fault.
3.) If you have a background on your site (color or other) your graphics don't have white boxes around them.

15 points ~ Busy-ness of Pages
1.) Your color scheme or graphics do not overwhelm visitors.
2.) You don't have a lot of pictures in the same place with apparently no rhyme nor reason to their placement.

10 points ~ Overall Theme
1.) Your theme stays the same throughout the site; it doesn't go from an outer space theme to a beach one.

10 points ~ Updates
1.) You update at least once every two weeks.
2.) You have major updates once in a while (ex. adding a new section, reformatting the site, etc.)

10 points ~ Legibility
1.) Visitors can read the fonts your choose to use on your site.
2.) Text in graphics is legible.
3.) Spelling/Grammar!!! I understand a few mistakes, but repetitive typos really get on my nerves.

5 points ~ Popups
1.) I can only handle about 1 popup per section of your site. Quizlets and things like that don't count.

If there's anything reeeaaaaalllllly special about your site, I'll give you some bonus points!

 If you score an 80% or above you will receive DSCK's Award of Excellence and I'll add your link to my links page. Even if you do not score an 80% or above, you will get a detailed evaluation of your site from me. And you can always apply again!

To Apply

To apply for DSCK's Award of Excellence, email MC with this info:

 Your name:
 Your email address:
 Your site's name:
 Your site's URL:
 Approximately how long has your site has been around?

Here is what the award looks like (if you earn the award, it will be sent to you with your website's name on it, obviously):

Even if your site doesn't make the qualifying 80%, if you receive above a 60%, you will receive this award (without the "VOID")