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Why, hello there! You're in search of a purr-fect feline companion, right? You shouldn't mess with those smelly old dogs.

Hey, Opal, that's not very nice. We have plenty of dogz in the adoption center that don't smell.

*Sigh* You just don't get it, do you?

Get what?

Pick a species of Pet you want to adopt and click on the appropriate button!

Sending in a Pet

If you would like to send a pet in to DSCK's Adoption Center, please send the following information to MC:

 Petz Name
 Petz Gender
 Petz Breed
 Petz Age
 Your Email
 Cloned or Unique? (If Cloned, specify how many you would like sent out)
 Do you want the Pet up for download?
 A nice pic of the pet (no backgrounds please).
 If you want the pet up for download, send the pet, too.