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 About Me 

This is sure to be an exciting page. *lol* Well, here's a little about me and the hosts of this page!

About MC

Well, as most of the people out there know, my name is MC (my name has absolutely NOTHING to do with MC Hammer). I'm female, 15 years old, and I'm going to be a sophomore next school year. (No more being a fresh-meat for me!) I don't have any pets...well, I used to have fish, but that was a looooooong time ago. I also tried one of those "Grow-a-Frog" things were the company ships you a tadpole in the mail after you bought their little habitat. My tadpole lived for...a week? *lol*

I've got a 7-year-old brother...*sigh* Need I say more? He's going into 2nd grade and he thinks he knows it all. He's also very afraid of thunderstorms...*evil laughter*

Ok, now that I've gotten completely off the subject (*lol*) I'm going to tell you some other stuff about me (excitement!) The only sport I play halfways decently is tennis. I'm going to be on JV next year at my high school. I'm totally obsessed with writing (stories, poems, etc.) I would like to be published some day...if you wanna read a story I wrote, click here. It might take a bit to read, but hey. Email me your comments on it! I also like to read (readers make good writers, don'tcha know? *lol*)

Well, that's it I guess, but before I'm done babbling, I wanna say 'hi' to my online buds: Andrea, Gidget, Emily, Meredith, Becky, Mandy, Sharon, and Andy! I think/hope that's everyone...if I left anyone out, sorry!!!!

The Hosts of DSCK


Name: Opal

Show Name: DSCK's Eyes Dark with Secrets

Title: Grand Champion

Favorite Saying: You can't teach a dumb dog (not mentioning any names...NOVA!) any tricks.

Hello, everyone! When I'm talking, the text will be this purple color. Look for me around the site!


Name: Nova

Show Name: DSCK's Burning Supernova

Title: Reserved Champion

Hi, I'm Nova, a 9th generation purebred Dane. You may think my brain's the size of a walnut just because I'm so big, but you're right. No,'re wrong? Oh, I don't know! Just leave me alone and look at the rest of the site!

My "Mail Cat" is Frodo, a Reserved Champion. He may look like a brown B+W Shorthair, but he's a cross between a Persian and a B+W Shorthair. He's got the personality of a very lazy Persian.