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    This site is all about Final Fantasy. I focus mainly on Final Fantasy 4 through 8. For each game, you can find everything from pictures to movies, as well as songs and sounds. I think that the Final Fantasy series is the greatest series ever made so far. They all have great story lines along with memorable characters. Almost every Final Fantasy had something new in it weather it was a new battle system or improved graphics, and that is one of the good things about this series. Another great thing about the Final Fantasy series is that all the games got good ratings and everybody likes them.

    It all started out back in the 80's when a little company by the name of  Squaresoft  was running out of money. They pulled off with one last chance and delivered a game called Final Fantasy. It was for the Nintendo. This game was a huge success and sold all throughout Japan and was even brought to the United States as well as all over Europe. When Squaresoft was on a role, they just kept delivering great titles one after the other. Final Fantasy II and III were never released in the United States but they were still big hits in Japan. Final Fantasy IV was continued on the  Super Famicom, but when it was released for the Super Nintendo in the United States, it was called Final Fantasy II because it was the second Final Fantasy released in the states. Final Fantasy V was never released for the Super Nintendo. Shortly after however, Final Fantasy VI made it to the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo. Final Fantasy VI for the Super Nintendo was called Final Fantasy III because it was the the third one to be released in America. After a few years, Final Fantasy VII was released for the Sony Playstation and was a huge success. It was the first Final Fantasy with pre rendered backgrounds and 3D characters. You would think that this would be called Final Fantasy IV in the states, but they decided to keep it as VII. After FF VII came out, people wanted more. That is why FF VIII was the most waited for game of 1998-99. It had even better graphics and smoother backgrounds and gave Playstation owners something to play with.
    During the midst of all this, other Final Fantasy titles were released. They included the Final Fantasy Legends series for Game Boy, the  Final Fantasy Adventure series for Game Boy, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for Super Nintendo, and Final Fantasy Tactics for Playstation. All these titles were released all over the world including the United States and Europe. These titles except Final Fantasy Tactics, were not as good as the major Final Fantasy games and that is why they were never part of the actual series. That is all of the Final Fantasy's that are out there. They are all very good and should be played by everyone. Some good sources for Final Fantasy news are: FFonline and Square Gamer


-1-16-00- I added a scrolling marquee at the top of the page, big whoop.
-12-31-99- ROMS section added with all FF's available!.
-12-30-99- Everything updated, new pics and all.
-12-27-99- New chocobo section added!
-12-25-99- This page gets a new look!
-12-19-99- Game Information for Final Fantasy VI,VII, and VIII added.
-12-18-99- Game Information for Final Fantasy IV and V added.
-12-11-99- Original storyline for every Final Fantasy added, along with new pics.
-12-10-99- Storyline for each Final Fantasy added.
-12-03-99- The start of this awesome page.

Now you see the whole history of this awesome site. It's history in the making. (not really)

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