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Story Line

In a world run by a sorceress, trouble is in the air. But special places called Gardens are built in case there are conflicts with the sorceress. Students at these Garderns are called SeeD, they are also the a military of the world. With trouble at hand, a young SeeD graduate join friends and discover new ones, as they fight against the sorceress in order to not having her taking over the world. In the middle of everything, love unites the characters for a battle of a lifetime.

This tale brings you into a more mature world that is run by a sorceress who has become evil. In order to stop all the havoch, you have to stop the ultimate sorceress from the future who has control of everything.

This was the Final Fantasy that everone waited for so paitaintly. After FF VII, everyone wanted more. I think that this Final Fantasy was very good, but with its new theme of love and the look of the character, it had kind of an odd feel at first, but I got used to it. The graphics are just amazing, and so are the CG movies that pop in and out out of nowhere. This title sure pays off because it keeps you bussy for a while. But a lot of things have changed. Some of the changes were big things like taking out the whole MP system. Pretty weird, but cool.

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