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Story Line

In a world were people live under one name and one company, The Shinra Corporation, a group of rebels fight to stop Shinra from killing the planet. The fact that Shinra is not planing a regular monopoly, but world domination leads to nine heroes fighting for freedom. In the past, a mighty swordsman, who was officially declared dead by Shinra,was the ultimate savior and role model, but now the new hero is a man who has no real past, or life.

This epic tale goes from a simple company monopoly to world crisis. This is the of story of nine warriors who fight to save the world.

This is actually favorite Final Fantasy. This is the one that made me a Final Fantasy looney. With its great story and character, people thought that this Final Fantasy wasn't that good for some reason, even with its new graphics and all. Personally I would recommend this game to everyone out there even if you don't like RPG's.

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