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Story Line

Long ago, the world was ruled by powerful magic beings. After many disputes, it turned into war, and battles were fought with Espers, who were powerful beasts. This war was called "War of the Magi". This war wiped out almost all the land and population. But now many centuries have passed and people have rebuilt things with more advanced technology. Espers were thought to only exists in ancient legends, but one has recently been uncovered. The beginning of a new war is at risk.

This awesome tale is about the stopping of a mad man thirsty for power, magic power that is. Join in the tale for the best adventure of your life.

This is one hell of a game. Almost everybody thinks that this Final Fantasy title is the best one ever made. It has a great story, great character, and great everything. This is one of those games that you stay up all night playing and that keeps you from sleeping for nights, maybe a little over board, but it is a really good game. If you need a good RPG, get Final Fantasy IV now.

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