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Story Line

In a world where people rely on four elemental crystals; Wind,Earth, Fire, and Water. The King of Tycoon one day feels that there is something wrong in the air so he goes to check on the Wind Crystal, only to find it shatter infront of his very own eyes! Also in areas around Tycoon, a giant meteor has fallen, and his causing havoch all around the world. In all this, the King of Tycoon disappears, and nobody knows where.

This is an epic tale about four brave warriors. A princess, an old man, a young boy, and a pirate, go on a mission to save the world. The things they experience and the things that they encounter could change their lives.

This game was very special because it was first never released in the United States. The so called reason for this was because it was "too weird". Then finally Square figured out people wanted this game so they released it. It took them a while even after all the pirated games, and translated ROMS that people had made. Some people say that the Final Fantasy V remake for the Playstation was a rip off because they changed the names of a lot of things. For example, they changed Exodeath to X-Death.

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