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Story Line

The honorable group called the Red Wings, rule the skies. Controlled by the Kingdom of Baron, the Red Wings are set out on a mission to collect the four crystals of the earth. The leader of the Red Wings dissagrees and is removed from the Red Wings. Now with nowhere to go, this man has to go on a journy across the world and will go on an adventure of a life time.

This is an epic tale of a man on a mission to find out about his a plot against humanity and to forgive the brother he never knew he had.

When Final Fantasy was released for the NES, it was a huge success, but then for some reason Square never released Final Fantasy II and III in the United States. Final Fantasy IV was the first Final Fantasy to hit the SNES, so that is probably why it was released everywhere. It had all new things like a new battle engine and better graphics.

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