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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap: Secrets

Lost Legends and Spinoffs

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap- 2005 GBA
The King of Hyrule is sending Link on an incredible quest that will take him to places he's never imagined. Using the power of a special hat called the Minish Cap, Link can shrink and explore the magical world of the Minish -- tiny people who live just beneath his feet!

Smith's Sword
This is your starting weapon, you are given it at the start of your quest by the king of Hyrule. It holds little power but it does its job well. It is however, soon replaced.
Small Shield
This is also given to you at the start of your quest. Princess Zelda will hand it to you after she wins it in the town festival, this shield serves little purpose in the game (apart from for talking to business scrubs and defeating a few enemies) and you will probably replace it as soon as you get a new inventory.
Gust Jar
This is the 'special' item that you receive in Deepwood shrine. It can be quite useful for killing certain enemies, and in some cases moving you around via lily pad or mushroom. The gust jar sucks in air, the longer you hold the button, the faster the air goes, it sucks in pots etc. and then fires them out.
The boomerang can be bought from Stockwell's shop for 300 rupees. You must have first bought the rupee purse from him first though. The boomerang temporarily paralyzes an enemy (allowing you to attack it without the risk of being injured) and then returns to you. The boomerang is useful for killing some enemies that are invincible to any other means of attack.
As the name suggests, these are bombs. Drop them on the floor and wait a few seconds, and they blow up. They are very useful for blowing up walls and in some cases, killing enemies.
Cane of Pacci
This is the 'special' item you obtain in the cave of flames, on Mt.Crenel. It can be used to turn things over (such as pots which allow you to shrink to minish size) and move energy into holes. Putting energy into holes allows you to jump a bit higher. When you get this item, it seems quite good, but it will soon be replaced by better inventory.
White Sword
You obtain the white sword from Melari on Mt.Crenel after completing the cave of flames and getting the fire element. It replaces the Smith's Sword in your inventory and is significantly more powerful. After getting an element, the white sword can be infused with its power. This means you can split Link up into up to 3 people (allowing you to complete some game tasks) before you lose this sword.
Pegsus Boots
You get this item from the shoe seller in Hyrule after the small side quest. It allows you to run quickly and cross swamps that you usually couldn't get past. The Pegasus boots are required to get the bow, and to enter wind ruins. It also allows you to learn the 'dash attackk' sword technique.
This quite simply, is a bow. Collect it from a chest in the north-west region of Castor Wilds. You can fire arrows to kill enemies with it, although I didn't use it much in the game (until later). It is however, the only way of killing the Eyegore statues.
Mole Mitts
This is the 'special' item obtained in the wind ruins. The only real purpose it serves is to collect secrets (such as rupees, mysterious seashells and kinstone pieces). You can open the weird looking doors as well, but they can't be used for attacking or defending.
Ocarina of Wind
You will get this after finishing the wind ruins. It serves only one, but a very useful purpose. Using the wind crests that you unveil through the game, you can travel between them quickly.
Flame Lantern
The flame lantern is the 'special' item obtained in the temple of droplets. It can be used to light up dark rooms, light candles and melt blocks of solid ice. It cannot be used as a weapon (you can set flowers on fire though).
Magical Boomerang
To get the magical boomerang, you must fuse kinstones with all four of the tingles (see a walkthrough guide to find them) to open up for trees in north Hyrule field. Enter the trees, collect the treasure and stand on the switches. When all of the switches have been stood on, a ladder will appear in the centre of the field, and you can go down and open the chest containing the magical boomerang. The only difference between this and the standard boomerang, is that it can be controlled (to an extent) when you throw it.
Remote Bombs
To get remote bombs, fuse kinstones with the elder in the minish village, then return to the guy you originally got the bombs from and with no extra cost, he will upgrade you to remote bombs. If you wish to switch back to standard bombs speak to him again. Remote bombs are set by pressing the button, then they explode when you press the button again.
Light Arrows
To obtain this, you must have first fused kinstones with the guy in the house on the left side of Hyrule, then entered the portal. Go to the top floor and use the gust jar to suck away the ghost around the old man. Later in the game, if you saved the old man, he will give you the light arrows, if not, then you will never be able to get them again. The light arrows are much more powerful than standard ones, and can be charged up before you fire them.
Roc's Cape
This is the 'special' item obtained in the palace of winds. It allows you to jump, which means you can obtain some secret items and learn the 'down thrust' sword technique.
Four Sword
This is the white sword (it's been renamed) with all four elements infused into it. It is a little more powerful and when you do the spin attack, a silvery thingy is released (it apparently cures people of curses). The most powerful sword.
Mirror Shield
You must first finish the game before you can get this. Go to the veil falls and speak to Biggoron the goron. He will eat your shield! Come back later and he will give you the mirror shield in return (Note that you will lose your shield for this period of time).
Kinstone Bag
The kinstone bag (collected from the guy who is giving them out for free at the start of the game). The kinstone back contains....shock horror....Kinstones! There are nine normal kinstones, 3 red, 3 blue and 3 green. It is also possible to get 8 gold kinstones, but they are used for puzzles in the game.
Grip Ring
Bought from the business scrub on Mt.Crenel for 40 rupees. It allows you to climb walls which have the climbing things on (Only found on Mt.Crenel).
Power Bracelets
When you are minish size, you can enter the cave on the fountain. Defeat enemies in this small dungeon and you can open the chest containing the power bracelets. They allow you to push boxes etc. when you are small.
After returning all of the books to the library, speak the the elder on the bookshelf to be thrown into another mini dungeon. Defeat any enemies etc. and open the chest containing the flippers. They allow you to swim.
There are 4 bottles you can get in the game. Bottles can be used to store various things to help you with your quest. It is required you have one bottle, but it is optional to get the others.
Bottle 1
In the Trilby highlands, there is a ladder just south of where you enter, go down the ladder and use a bomb on the wall on the right. In the new room is a business scrub who will sell you a bottle for 20 rupees.
Bottle 2:
You'll notice eventually that there is a bottle behind the counter in Stockwell's shop. I won't go into to detail, but basically, you must shrink yourself and enter in the chimney (I think), then grow back to normal and take the bottle. One problem, he tells you it is full of dog food, so you must take it his house in Lake Hylia and feed his dog. After this, the bottle is yours to keep!
Bottle 3
Fuse kinstones with your grandfather and a chest will appear in Lon Lon Ranch. It contains bottle number 3.
Bottle 4
You've probably noticed the big guy hitting a wall in Lon Lon Ranch. Well, to get bottle 4, you must send other gorons to help him. I will not go into detail here, but basically you have to fuse kinstone's with 'mysterious walls' that are scattered across the world. Eventually, when you have done so five times, you get the last bottle. This side quest cannot be completed until quite late in the game.

Hyrule Town
Go to the house to the right of the shop (the shop with the rupee on its roof). Flip the jar over and shrink. Exit the house via the small gate. Then walk north towards the stairs and climb up the vine there. Walk to the backside of the hotel and enter (by the small flowers). Inside you'll find a Piece of Heart.
When you can play the game inside the house with the purple ghost (after the 3rd dungeon, I believe), go there and play the game. Kill all the monsters you have to fight to win a Piece of Heart.
Complete the chicken mini-game to get a Piece of Heart. The mini-game consists of something like 10 rounds!
Jump through the bell in the middle of town to knock out a Piece of Heart.
Shrink in the house with all the builders and walk towards the north through a couple of houses. Walk through the path with the 2 cats to reach the small fountain. Walk across the ledge and enter the hole. Walk a bit to the north and over the bridge. Jump with the Roc's Cape to reach the Piece of Heart.
When you can become with 4 Links, enter the school and shrink there. North of field the kids played on, is a small path for Minish Link. Enter it, and all the way to the end is a piece of heart.
Get all 143 Figurines. Then go to a person standing near the training house and the cafe, and he'll open up a house with all stuff lying around, including a Heart Piece.
Minish Woods
When you reach the very first stump you can use to shrink, don't and head west and north. Head a little more west towards the entrance of Deepwood Shrine to find this lying there.
Walk all the way north-east in Minish Village until you reach the house with the guy that blocks (blocked) your way towards Deepwood Shrine. Take the path to the right of this house and follow it to reach another Piece of Heart.
From the witch's house, go all the way southeast to reach this piece of heart lying by the water.
From where you exit Minish Village by the Elder, swim up and head left and the up again all the way. Take the left entrance. Now walk all the way across the tricky ice-path to find your Heart Piece waiting.
Mt. Crenel
After you crossed the gap using the two whirlwinds at Mt. Crenel's Base, head left and then all the way up. Bomb the wall there to find a piece of Heart plus two treasure chests.
Just after you reached Mt. Crenel after climbing the vine, head up and bomb the wall between the rocks to the right of the sign. Enter to find lost of faeries and a Piece of Heart.
Fuse Kinstones with Melari to make a giant plant grow on the top of the mountain. Climb this plant to reach a Piece of Heart.
Climb up the first wall you encounter at Mt. Crenel's Base. Then climb up another wall, walk past the mushroom and climb up another wall. Then, climb up the last wall and enter the cave. Use the cloning technique to stand at the two switches at the same time, and then head up and collect the heart piece.
Head towards the very top of the mountain (after climbing Crenel Wall), then head left and down the ladder. Dig through the wall there and follow the left path to reach a Piece of Heart.
Hyrule Castle Garden
In the south-east of the gardens, slash away the bushed to find a ladder. Climb down to find a trainer and a Piece of Heart.
When you fuse with someone in town (still have to find out who!), you can dry up the right pool. Go down the stairs to reach the Piece of Heart.
Eastern Hills
In the very south-west corner of the Eastern hills, find the Minish living there. Kinfuse with him to make a plant grow just towards the north. Climb up the plant to reach the piece of heart.
Western Wood
By kinfusing with someone, you'll open up a tree here with a Piece of Heart inside.
South Hyrule Field
After fusing with the guy that introduces you to fusing, you'll open up a tree in South Hyrule Field. Enter it to find a Piece of Heart.
Go all the way south-west and ram the tree to find a stump. Shrink and jump into the water. Swim up and then right and enter the hole. Follow the path for a piece of heart.
North Hyrule Field
Take the north-west path and go down the ladder to find a Piece of Heart lying right in your path.
Castor Wilds
A bit to the north of the three statues, there's a big gravestone. Push this one away from the side and grab the Heart Piece lying by the trainer.
Once you get a lillypad through fusing, shrink in the north-western corner of the Wilds. Step on the lillypad southwards (! Not the other one), walk through the tube. Then head south and east, walk through that tube. Keep on going south-east until you reach the water in which you can swim. Jump in and swim towards the hole and enter the cave. Take the second entrance from the right. Kill the enemies and push the stones away, until you finally reach your heart-piece.
Head all the way towards the far north-western corner of the swamp. Swim through the water there and enter the cave, then push away the blocks to reach your Piece of Heart.
Wind Ruins
Just left of the 3rd dungeon, you'll find a stump. Shrink and head left. Climb down a vine and then climb down the next vine. This time, climb down the middle vine and then enter the cave. Follow the tricky path and claim your Piece of Heart.
Lon Lon Ranch
In the garden of the farm, bump into the tree to unveil a stump. Shrink, the head right to enter the path as a Minish. Follow the path to find a Piece of Heart.
Lake Hylia
From David Jr. (the white Tingle), head up the ladder and then west towards the house. Dive in the middle of the pool left of the house for this Piece of Heart.
Swim south from the 4th dungeon to find this Heart Piece.
From the Temple of Droplets, swim south and then west and go back ashore. Enter tree here to find a trainer and a Piece of Heart.
When you've got Roc's Cape, head west from David Jr. (the white Tingle), and jump across the islands to find a very easy Piece of Heart.
From Heart Piece #32, keep on jumping to reach a wall. Dig through it, and now follow my instructions: Head left from the entrance, then take the right path. Follow this path until you can dig south. Do this and exit the cave. There's Heart Piece right in front of you!
Go to the same cave as Heart Piece #33, head right from the entrance and up the stairs. Head down the other stairs, follow the path and head up the next stairs. Climb up the plant here that you should've created by Kinfusing, to find another Piece of Heart.
Royal Valley
When you're through the maze, push the most north-western gravestone aside and enter the cave for another Piece of Heart.
Veil Falls
Head all the way north-west in Lon Lon Ranch and fill a hole with magic to jump. Head up to the Veil Falls, afterwards head right and grab the Piece of Heart.
When you head all the way north-east in North Hyrule Field, you can access Veil Falls from there. Swim to the right to find this piece of heart.
By Kinfusing, right next to Heart Piece #37 you'll be able to dig through this wall there. Follow the path a little bit to reach the Piece of Heart.
Through Kinfusing again, you'll gain access to a waterfall in Veil Falls. Warp to Veil Falls and head west (through the cave) and swim north to find this waterfall. Inside there is a Piece of Heart.
Inside the first dungeon, head south after defeating the big caterpillar to find this Piece of Heart.
In the first dungeon, after sucking away the dust in the room right from the caterpillar, stand on the switch to activate the blue portal. Use this portal to reach the Heart Piece.
In the second dungeon, after you encounter the flipped train, walk right across the bridge and bomb the wall to the south. Walk through and get the Heart Piece.
In the first room of the dungeon, take the second door from the right. Climb up to the second floor and shrink there. Then, go one room south and one room west. Drop down through the hole. Then head right through the tube to see the Heart Piece lying over there.
Located in the fifth dungeon.
Special Heart Container
This is the special full heart container that you get from a Minish in Lake Hylia. Listen up: You must go to the very far northeastern corner of Minish Village, say, go to the location of Heart Piece #9. Now, jump in the water and swim towards the house and enter it. Now fuse with the Minish there. Exit the house, and enter again and fuse another time. This time, he'll make a hole in the ground very near to the Wind Crest in Lake Hylia. Now, exit Minish Village and become big again and warp towards Lake Hylia. Shrink using the stump and enter the hole in the ground that you just made. By jumping the rolling pillars, make your way to the other side of the cave and head up the ladder. Head inside the house and talk to the Minish there to get a full Heart Container!

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