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Welcome to The Golden Land

Today's Date: 11/17/15
It has been far too long since the last update and with the continual progression of time it has been a constant difficult effort to getting back online in any way at all. Too many things happened this year that I am trying to keep track of and lets just be real, life happens and there is not much we can do about it.
Anyway, I am going to be trying to get back on here and do the changes to the site that I have been wanting to tackle.
You see, this is obviously a Zelda website but I cannot compete with other great sites. I started this site because I loved writing theories and storylines connecting it all together. So I will still keep my storyline on the site but the site will be changing. Instead of just focusing on Zelda timelines, I will be posting a new site called... Storyline Central. This site will be a central hub where gamers can come together and read complete timelines to many different franchises. This is going to be a growing site. In addition to that, the reason I am doing this is because there are so many games out there now and keeping track of the timelines to all of these games is a bit hard to do when many people do not even know where some games originated at all, like Metroid, or the original Kingdom Hearts.
I am hoping to have this up and going soon. Life seems to be slowing a bit down again soon so I am hopeful for my return for the online life again.
Thanks for your time.
Brian (Zyndae)

Today's Date: 2/23/15
Due to popular demand I have decided to bring my Zelda site back up. Now the original version of this site was meant to display storylines, theories, and other connections that we have found as a Zelda community and post them here. Over time, the site was changed to be an all encompassing Zelda site. You will not find heart pieces, skulltula locations, or item upgrades on this site. Instead you will find my timeline (that I wrote 100%), Nintendo's timeline (only because it is official, unfortunately), and the Fierce Deity Link Theory that I wrote.
I keep my timeline on here because my fans from my Youtube page and people who have been following me since the beginning of this site like my timeline more than Nintendo's. More will be added eventually to cover other things about the Zelda franchise, other theories, etc. But for now, this is what is available. I hope you enjoy the site.

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