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Zelda X files

Here are some pictures of Ocarina of TIme in its programing days that never show up in the game. I'm sure you'll find them very provocative.

What's this!? It looks
like a Kokiri girl but I've never seen her!

This is kinda
strange... It
looks like a unicorn fountain.

This one upsets me very much!
Can you believe that they took out the

Here's that shadow I
was talking about. I
can't understand why they
would take such great
graphics out of the game!

Hey! Wait a second! I thought that
you weren't aloud to freely run around
Hyrule Castle!

Now, you may not
notice anything at first
but I want you to look
at what he has equiped to
of his B-button. See it? He has bombs where his sword should be!
Boy, he sure has
a lot of space in
that wallet(look at the

Take a close look at this one. It took me a while to see it.
He has the Forest Medallion equipped! I wish I could
have it! I bet it does something awsome! He also has
his sword in there too!

I can't stand it! They actually took
the XXXCENSOREDXXX TRIFORCE out of the game!!!!!! But this really ticks me off(all of you with blood presure
problems please don't read this):
We got gipped so badly that it's not funny!
Either they decided that Japan was extra special
or someone screwed up BIGTIME! Could this mean that there's 2 versions of the game out there?

Well, you've seen how much of the game that we are missing. It makes you wonder about how much of the game we actually got. And it definatly should make you think, "What if Japan got all of this and we didn't?". If anybody has the answer to this question then please e-mail me.

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