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What you think about it

This ia an area mainly for you, the gamer. This is where you get to share your thoughts about Zelda games that have gone or are in demand, or not even out yet. If you hated Zelda 64, say it here, and tell us why you feel that way. If you think that Majora'a Mask is gonna be awesome then, again, you can say it here.

I will start you off with some of my own feelings about a couple of Zelda games.

When I first heard about Zelda 64 coming out, I went crazy! I was thinking, "Oh yeah! Another Zelda game!". There was only one problem. I didn't own a Nintendo 64. I went out and spent $200 just so I could play Zelda. Then when it did finally come out I was the second person in line at Game Craze(a local video game store) so I was sure to get my gold cartrige! When I tore open that box and slapped that baby into the system I was, quite litterally, shaking with excitement. So I turned the game on. It was pretty cool at first, with all those scenes with Navi flying around. But then I was imediatly dissapointed. Of course they had to try to stick some more comedy into a game, that I think, should be a serious one and shouldn't be wasting memory with that stupid little fairy bumping her head on that log! After that it got better, though. I thougt that the first level shouldn't have been so small. I got bored with the Deku tree because it kept explaining how to do things(that you should've learned in the manual) whenever you walked in front of a door or opened up a chest. One thing that did kind of really tick me off was that Queen Ghoma was so easy! I beat here without dying once(or losing a single heart for that matter)! All you had to do was keep her Z-targeted and hit her with a slingshot whenever her eye turned red. The rest was just hacking away when she was on the ground having a siezure. It was too easy! The rest of the game went along nicely, with a few little problems here and there, but otherwise, a great game! The last part that I hated was that Ganondorf and Ganon were also too easy to beat(once again, I didn't die once). And that crappy ending sequence was just too much! Oh well, **sigh**. I hope they do better on their next game.

I think this new game for N 64, Majora's Mask, will be pretty cool. It seems pretty decent. There is just one problem with it(and by saying what I'm about to say I'll probabally be arguing with the entire game plot). I don't think that you can put a time limit on a game like Zelda and call it, "good". I mean, the whole reason everyone liked the original zelda when it came out was because it let people explore the world of Hyrule without worrying about a deadline. By the way, for those of you who didn't know this already, in the game on the last day before the moon falls a door is supposed to open in the clock tower that you can go into and be transported back to day one. Anyway, like I was saying, you can't put a time limit on a Zelda game. It's just not right. Trust me it won't be like the other Zelda games at all. Other than that little tid-bit, it seems like it's going to be a nice game. [an error occurred while processing this directive] The Legend of Zelda-Ocarina of Time in my view is ultimately the greatest game in the history of the universe, and if its true that Majora's Mask is even better, I'll rob a bank if i have to to get it.


I sure hope not. Although I, too, would do anyhting to get my hands on the latest Zelda game!

Have something you want say about a Zelda game? Tell me and I'll do my best to make sure it gets posted.

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