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I am working very hard to update my neglected site but I am having problems. Like all humans I need food, rest, and time for other things. If you have HTml experience and would like to help me please send your letters NOW!

My computer had a meltdown and I ended up having to reformat. After that everytime I would try to update my page it wouldn't let me. That is the reason I haven't updated in almost 2 months. I'm am sorry but there was nothing I could do about it. I am trying to find a walkthrough online. Mine got erased when I reformatted.

Well. It's been about a week since the game came out. Anybody done yet? I am. I'm puting the finishing touches on the walkthrough and I'll be done. If you're wondering why I aven't updated it's because I've been playing the game (it's a good reason, right?). Let me tell you, it wasn't all that I expected but I still went, "Wow!" when I slapped my collectors edition, holographic lable, gold cartrigde in the system and started it up. I still haven't collected all of the masks yet. Two more to go. Then I can get the Oni-link mask and kick that masks butt even easier! I've heard that it's a lot easier using Oni-link because all you have to do is keep slashing the blade beams at him. I'll have that walkthrough soon. I promise.

If you haven't gone to or Radio then I suggest you do. The have finnaly chosen "The One" and are going to begin his quest this week. I'm sure you'll laugh when you find out how they are going to interact with the "parallel dimension".**I haven't gotten any requests from anyone yet. If you'd like to help me on my site then tell me! I'm getting desperate. **With only about a week to go people are starting to get excited. I suggest that, if you still can, you reserve a copy NOW! I have no idea if stores will even be accepting them now, but, I'd try anyway. You can always try I'm not sure if they have a limited quantity or not. -Scott


It seems that Angelfire had a hiccup and I wasn't allowed to update. Anyway, I'm getting off Angelfire anyway and opening up!!! It's with namezero so I won't have to pay anything. I know, I know. I'm cheap. It's just temporary untill I can rake in the dough for a real domain. Just to let you know, the real domain will probabally be named It's shorter and since has already been used (by me) I figured that I would go for the shorter version.

I've already pre-ordered the game, and I suggest that any of you who want the special edition gold cartridge should do the same. You won't be able to get it untill Christmas anyway unless you order it, if what people are predicting, about all the stores running out of copies the first day, comes true!

There's really not much more info coming out about the game. I'm getting as much info as I can about the first part of the game so that I can put together a reliable walkthrough for you to look forward to.

URGENT! I need help with my site! If you have free time and know html please mail me and I'll send you the details. Thanks! -Scott

I'm truly sorry for the lack of updates. I've started school again so that's made it harder since I have a lot of homework. Also, my computers been acting up lately so it's hard to upload stuff into the server. I'm going to do the best I can to maintain the updates so don't lose faith. Hey! Only 33 more days! Pre-order the game now!

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