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After completing his quest in Termina, young Link is returned home. But, as Link will soon find out, all is not well in the land of Hyrule...

We find the Hylian adventurer, and his horse, back in the Lost Woods, where his quest for Majora's Mask began.

"I don't know Epona," says Link as he strokes Epona's nose, "Something doesn't feel right here." As he walks he hears a familiar twinkling sound.
"Hey!" yells a familiar little fairy, "Link! Over here!". Link turns and is knocked over by a, slightly annoying, little fairy.
"Navi!" cries an overjoyed Link, "Where have ya been? I've been looking all over for you. Or more like I was. Wait 'till I tell you about what happened to me! I was riding Epona, looking for you, right here in the Lost Woods, when, all of a sudden, these two little fairies," Link is cut off by a low, menacing growl, coming from deep within the forest.
"Link listen to me," Navi says, "We've got to get back to the Kokiri Forest! You need to see this! "But I want to see what that noise was, "Link starts to wonder off into the woods, but Navi cuts him off and forces him to go back.

Link and Navi soon arrive in the Kokiri Forest. Link stops mid-step out of the log tunnel to see his once peaceful village in ruins. As he turns he sees smoke rising from burnt houses. Dead bodies of the Kokiri children litter the ground. The smell of burnt flesh and sulfer surges into links nostrils as tears pour out of his eyes. Enraged Link turns to Navi, "Who did this!? Who would dare harm the innocent children of the Kokiri!? I'll kill whoever did this!"
Links attention is diverted towards the Great Deku Tree's Meadow.
"Have they done anyhting to the Deku Tree Sprout," he asks Navi.
"No link," says Navi slowly floating over to the meadow, "You better come with me. He'll want to speak with you."

End of Chapter one.

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