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Here's one that goes with the Epona in Beta Quest trick:

Scott, Well, I've been playing around a little with the 00F6 Beta, and have found a couple of interesting things you might want to add to your link: Equipped/Swordless Link: While riding Epona, push your sword icon...Link draws his sword and shield on Epona's back. Now try any of the weapon-C buttons...left-C will cause Link to shoot arrows, down-C will make Link light a bomb--but he can't throw it unless he gets off Epona--right-C will cause Link to hop off Epona's back and take out his Ocarina. Room for more glitches, perhaps? Walk around while holding "Z"; in addition to the "attack" command, the blue icon will also flip to a "jump" command...I don't remember that command ever being shown in the original game. More to come! LisaB.
Hmmmm. Interesting...

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