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The latest news:

Well, we've heard about the next Zelda Game coming out for many months now. Oddly enough, the name of the game itself has changed three times from, Zelda 64 Gaiden, to The Legend of Zelda: The Continuing Saga, to "The Mask of Mujula" ???? Hmm...just what will those Nintendo marketing geniuses think of next. (The Mask of Mujula - "Gotta wear 'em all!") Well, as it stands now folks, this games is more than likely going to be the weirdest Zelda we've ever played with character for Zelda 64 warped to have evil or tainted dopplegangers. I liken this game to Alice's Trip Through the Looking Glass because this game really bends the genre to the extreme and really brings Link into the realm of "The Unexplained." If you rememer in Zelda 64 there was a shop that sold different masks that Link could put on his face. In one part of the game you had to sell the masks to finally get "The Mask of Truth" The Mask of Truth allowed Link to gain almost useless information from Gossip Stones thoughout Hyrule. Also Too you could use the Horned Masked at the Forest Stage in increase Link's Deku Stick capacity. (Woo, big deal!) The Masks in Zelda 64 played a very passive inessential role in the development of the game's plot and overall premise. In Mask of Mujula, or MOM, for short, Link uses the masks to gain entry to many areas and the entire plot is centered around the implimentation of these different masks. Link's trip down the Rabbit Hole gets stranger when he encounters, Mujula, a Stalchild who steals Epona from him. Also too, Link's fairy Navi has a counterpart in this twisted realm. All this while the Moon falls down upon Hyrule. I really don't know what to say? It's definitely not classic Zelda, but, somehow I think the game will be rather interesting to play considering many puzzles involve interchanging or wearing certain masks so Link can morph into conglomerations of himself and what ever the mask represents. If you ever saw the movie, "The Mask" with Jim Carry than you will remember what happened when he put the Mask on. More than likely Nintendo got the idea from somewhere, and it very well could have been that movie. When will Mask of Mujula come to the United States? Probably late this year around Christmas time as indicated by Nintendo. Interestingly enough Miyamoto is not overseeing development of Mask of Mujula, instead he is relying on the expertise of members of the Zelda 64 staff and others to make this game. The funny thing about Nintendo lately is when they make a game, they take a long time to do it and annoy gamers in America by releasing it half a year after Japan gets the game. Will Perfect Dark ever release? I just don't fathom Nintendo's marketing strategy by producing low grade third party games (Superman 64 *cringes* Quest 64 *pukes*) and releasing like one decent game a year expecting that one game to carry them though the rest of the fiscal year. I'm sorry but for me DK didn't impress me that much. Nintendo 64 NEEDS Metroid 64 for Christ sakes, and blockbuster remakes of games like Mega Man, Blaster Master, BattleToads, Kid Icarus, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, and for crying out load, at least ONE Decent RPG of Chrono Trigger of FF status. The SNES represented the glory days of gaming, they were unstoppable then, and it's just like Nintendo's really dropped the ball with the N64 aside from legends like Goldeneye, and Zelda 64. I really hope they're just saving up all their talent for Dolphin because N64 needs some help. I know there are die hard N64 fanatics that will scoff at my "dissin" of their machine, but face it, it just isn't the Super Nintendo. Many N64 games really do suck! (So do many PSX, but at least they have a larger quantity of good games to compensate) I want the Nintendo of old where every month there was a new great, not this regurgitated gaming crap of lately. Maybe Mask of Mujula will recapture Nintendo's Stride, I know Zelda 64 helped a whole lot, but that future remains to be seen. And Dolphin, you're guess is as good as mine as to what games they plan to release for it. According to Miyamoto he will be developing a Zelda for Dolphin, but it's been said that the game will be released somewhere around 2003 or 2004. I just hope they don't let all that great hardware that they are touting go to waste.-Odessey Of Hyrule

Realease date

As most of you have heard the new Zelda game is supposed to come out sometime in November 2000. I looked it up at a couple of weeks ago and it said it was coming out November 23. But recently I've heard that the date was changed to December so it would be right in the middle of Christmas shopping and that their hoping that millions of them will be sold. I've also heard that it was coming out earlier, reason unknown. Anyway despite all that crap I'm going to stick with the original date(and hope for the earlier one). I am not sure of the realease date for Japan. I do know that it is supposed to come out before we get ours though(unlike Ocarina of Time, where we got ours first).

Complaints about Ocarina of Time

Now you may be thinking,"what complaints?". Well I'm not really complaing about the game. I'm just ticked off because there is a ton of stuff that was in the game when it was originally designed that was taken out when it was put into production. Like better graphics for the shadows. I have seen pictures that show a full shadow of people and objects instead of the crappy little balls with tails that are in the game. They also took out other scenes and places that they took out of the game. If you don't believe me then look at the pictures in the "Zelda X files". I got them from a reliable source so I'm pretty sure that they're authentic. The fact that they would take so much out of a game just so you wouldn't have to buy an expansion pack(like Gaiden[if you didn't know already you will need an expansion pack to get the game working the way it should]) to play the game, really ticks me off!

The Name of the Game

Well as you all know the games name has been changed several times. To be perfectly honest, I don't care about it much eccept for the fact that it makes my logo outdated. Anyway it has now changed four times. The newest name that Nintendo has come out with is Majora's Mask. Well... I wonder how many more times "Mr. N" will change the games name? Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter as long as it's another Zelda game, right? Oh, and here's some news on the new realease date for Japan. It seems the they can't make up there mind on much can they? The new release date FOR JAPAN is April 23rd.-as of March 4th

New Realease date.

Well, once again they've decided to change the realease date! It will come out on November 25th.

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