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See the Green Godess!

This has got to be one of the most amazing Beta Quest findings ever! This, along with the Blue Godess one, were found by yours truly(me, Video Gamer X2). Remember that I found it first since it will probably be found on other sites very shortly. If you find a site that claims someone else found the Godesses first then please report it to me. They will be notified that the credit belongs to me and I will ask them to put that on their site. If they refuse I will give thier e-mail adress to every known spammer on the internet and make sure that they can never go online without being harrased. This may seem a bit harsh but, trust me, copywright infringments are no laughing matter! By the way, when I put stuff from other sites on my site, I AM NOT being a hippocrit! I always give that site credit and I put a link on my site.

I have only found this on Version 1.0(gold cartridge), but since I do not own any other versions of Zelda 64 it might happen to work on another version. If you try it and it works please Contact me at once and tell me what version you have and what codes you used to find it.

Here are the codes and walkthrough for Version 1.0:

Beta Quest for seeing the Triforce: 8011B9E3-0000
Beta Quest for seeing the Chamber of Sages: 8011B9E300D0
Moon Jump(press L): D01C84b5-0020, 811DAA90-40CB
Appear Strange Places: D01C84B5-0020, 8111B936-0001

When you start in Beta Quest Turn towards Kokiri Forest and start running there. When you get to the trail entrance stop. Turn to look at the left wall. Using the moon jump float up and over it and land on the other side(don't worry you can walk on the other side). Walk over to the tree log that enters into the forest. DON'T GO INTO IT! STAY UP ON THE RAISED AREA OF LAND THAT YOU ARE ON ! If you turn to the left you'll see the edge of the scenery where the land just stops and there's nothing but sky. If you look down, using C-UP, you should see the end of the tree tunnel. It will look like the end of a cone. Use the moon jump and float down into it and the screen will fade out. When you reappear you will be just outside the Forest Village but you'll be falling. Quickly use the moon jump to recover and float over into the village. Once you're in go to the Deku Tree's Meadow. Halfway through the path the ground texture will change to something that reminds me of turkey stuffing. You should also hear a roaring sound. Go all the way through and you'll see her!

Again, please remember to tell me if you see anyone with this on their site and they don't give me credit.

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