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Majora's Mask

The game begins with young link in the Lost woods and his encouter with Stulkid. Soon link will find himself in a strange, yet slightly familiar, world. The inhabatints of this land called Termina talk of the moon crashing down into the world in three days. As link, it is your duty to stop the falling of the moon and defeat that insane Stulkid!

As soon as the game starts with you in termina as the weak Deku Link you have exactly three days (about an hour of game time) to stop the moon from its kamakazie mission. You'll visit new places and talk to new characters along the way. You'll also see some familiar faces with not so familiar personalities.

The game revolves around the 3-day time limit that you have to complete the game. Although this may seem like a very short time to fininsh the game you will find a way to get around this. Read more about that in my Time passage in Termina section. To beat this game you'll need to collect 25(or maybe 24) masks and use them to solve mysteries. You will find the masks in various places. Some masks may solve a mystery, but then make another one right after that.

The days in this game are actually about 20 minutes of real time. As the day ends you'll see a screen that tells you what day is next and how much time there is left. It will take some getting used to but you should get the feel of it within about the first day. As the days pass you must help other people within the land of Termina with their everyday problems. You actually get to see the people moving around and doing their usual business. Everyday a person will be doing something new, and in order to complete the game you'll eventually have to learn where everyone is and what they are doing at any givin moment during any day!

All in all this game seems pretty decent. It might take a little gettin used to but it will get easier as time progresses. I hope that this has cleared up some of the details for anyone out there who's a little behind in their information.

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