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Epona in Beta Quest

Want to ride Epona in Beta Quest? Now you can with thse codes hacked by Lisa B.

v1.0: 8011B9E3 00F6 v1.1: 8011BBA3 00F6 v1.2: 8011C2A3 00F6

After the N64 logo appears, the game will jump to the end of the cut scene in which Link escapes Lon Lon Ranch with Epona. After the scene ends, Link is free to ride Beta Hyrule Field on Epona. There are no enemies in the field, the "strange trees" are all over the place and the sun and moon do not rotate. Depending on which version of Zelda 64 you have, entering different places will prompt different cut scenes.

I hope you are able to put this new code to good use on your site; it is one that is definitely worth a look. Enjoy!

LisaB Enigmagirl/Heirophant

P.S. It took me three hours to hack this code, so if you do end up adding it to your site I would appreciate credit. Thanx :-)

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