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Here's a list and description of the main characters that you'll interact with in the game.

Link: The main character. Young link will find himself in a strange new world that will be destroyed by its kamakazie moon in 3 days.

Stulkid: He's the bad guy. He is the one responsible for the moons behavoir and must be stopped.

Bombers:These are the guys who run the secret society. When you play hide-and-go-seek with them they will give you the logbook.

Angela: The very polite and courteous girl who runs the desk at the inn.

Coffee: You'll find this boy at the washing place.

Pawn Broker: He sells stolen merchendise at the black market.

Romani Sisters: The two sisters at Romani Ranch. Look familiar don't they?

Zora Band: These are the members of the Zora Band dear Blue.

Mr. Dootle: Clock Towns Mayor.

Mrs. Dootle: Mayors wife. She's incharge of public entertainment.

Mr. Toto: Manager for the Zora Band Dear Blue.

Milk Chairman: I have no Idea. Sorry. I'm pretty sure that this is him.

Postman: Clock Towns Postal worker. You'll see him around delivering mail.

Rosa Sisters: Former dancers at the Milk Bar.

Angela's Grandmother: Kinda self explanatory.

Kamaro: A strange dancer.

Nadekuro: Runs the Cucco Cottage.

Milk Brothers: They look like twin Ingo's. But they are really Usan and Kusai. They run another ranch.

Windmill Man: He's now in charge of the music at the Milk Bar.

Goron Grandma and Goron Baby: Two of the Gorons you'll meet on your journey.

Hope that clears up some issues people may have about the games characters.

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