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See the Blue Godess!

This is another trick found by me, Video Gamer X2. The same thing about people putting this on their site applies here as it does in the Green Godess one.

Again I have found this for Version 1.0 but I cannot find it for the others because I do not own any more versions of the game. If one of you happens to find it for another version then please tell me.

Here are the codes and walkthrough for Version 1.0:

Beta Quest for seeing the Triforce: 8011B9E3-0000
Beta Quest for seeing the Chamber of Sages: 8011B9E300D0
Moon Jump(press L): D01C84b5-0020, 811DAA90-40CB
Appear Strange Places: D01C84B5-0020, 8111B936-0001

When you start in Hyrule Field turn to your right to face the river. Please follow these next few steps VERY carefully. I have tried doing the trick several ways(trying to find a shurtcut)but each time I did it a different way it came out wrong. OK, Us ethe moon jump to float halfway(yes I do mean just halfway) into the river and let yourself fall into it. then quickly swim to the other side but DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT climb out of the water. Instead use the moon jump to float out and onto the ground. Go up the stairs to Kakariko Village and prepare yourself. As soon as the screen fades back in you'll be falling. Use the Moon Jump to recover and you should notice that you are behind the gate that leads into the Graveyard in Kakariko Village. DON'T GO THROUGH THE GATE!!!! You have to float around it and into the village. I do belive that the village will be burning(I haven't done this trick in a while). Run to the other side of the village and up the stairs to Death MT. Trail. When you go into the the trail and the screen fades out and reapears again you should be falling once more. Again use the moon jump to recover. If you look slightly to the left, in the distance you should see a piece of land that looks like a trail and is going up(it's slanted) and to the right. If you have any problems finding it then please tell me and I'll try to help you out. Anyway, float over to it and as soon as you touch it the screen will fade out and you'll hear that strange noise that means you've fallen too far and died. When the screen comes back in you will be on the trail and you should hear that music from the cut-scene where the Godesses make Hyrule. Go all the way up. Then go on the summit trail and you will see her!

I know these directions may be hard to follow and like I said earlier if you have any problems the just tell me and I'll try to clear it up for you.

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