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The Winter Girl
By Princess Zelda

This story takes place a few months after the setting of "Into the Evil Realm." It is now December in Hyrule, and a ferocious blizzard is going on. But not even the deepest of snow can freeze the evil plans of Ganondorf…

Part One


Ganondorf was very angry and humiliated at his failure to steal the Triforces of Wisdom and Courage. He sat in a chamber of the Evil Realm, plotting ways to obtain them successfully.
"I must come up with a better plan!" he said, banging his fists together.
"Why do you desire those Triforce Parts so much?" Paloma, a servant of his, questioned of him. "The Parts only go to those who are chosen by destiny. You know that, don't you?"
"Of course I do," Ganondorf replied. "But why doesn't destiny choose me for the other Parts?"
"Destiny is a strange thing," Paloma explained. "It almost always does the opposite of what you desire. But when that happens, good things will spring forth for you from it."
"You speak as if you were Princess Zelda, that ignorant daughter of the King who doesn't deserve that kingdom of his."
"Now, Zelda is not ignorant," Paloma pointed out. "She's usually the first to find out about whatever plans you may have to rival Hyrule."
"That's the problem," Ganondorf sighed. "There's absolutely no way to get Zelda not to find out about my plans. It's as if she's got phsycic powers or something."
Paloma frowned. "You would need to do something to get Zelda really occupied with some other matter to make her fail to notice your strives to steal the Triforce."
Ganondorf looked at her. "You know?" he grinned, "I think I just might have the perfect idea."

* * * * *

Princess Zelda sat by the frosty window in her bedchamber one morning, peering out at the pure whiteness outside her father's castle. The gently rolling hills of Hyrule were covered in a large white blanket, but their shape was vague through the heavy masses of snow that fell from the gray skies. The wind howled as it sped round the castle.
She sighed contentedly, and watched as red flames licked the coals that burned in the fireplace. The floor around flashed a pale orange from the light of the fire. Zelda loved a wintry night, especially when she was warm in her home.
She turned, and saw Impa, her bodyguard, peering through the doorway. "Oh, good morning, Impa."
"You sure went to bed early last night," Impa remarked.
"Blizzards can make me tire easily," Zelda explained.
"Me, too. Anyway, you missed your father's big announcement."
"Big announcement? What is it?"
"There is to be two balls, starting tomorrow evening," said Impa. "And your father has given you the opportunity to invite any man in Hyrule to be your dancing partner."
"Any one in Hyrule?" Zelda stared at the sky out the window.
"That's what your father said," Impa answered. "So, who is it going to be?"
Zelda pretended to be hesitant. She smiled, and said, "I choose…Link."
"Yes. It's been quite a while since I've last seen him. I've missed Link very much. You know? Some nights, I have dreams about him."
"What kind of dreams?" Impa sounded interested.
"Oh, just the usual, 'take a trip through the clouds in the arms of your man' kind of dreams," the Princess replied, casually. But she knew it was obvious she wanted more than just a trip to the clouds with Link. She wanted a trip to the clouds, and millions more.


The King of Hyrule called upon Link later that day, and he arrived the next morning, wearing a smile as broad as the sea. He blushed when everyone he passed made comments about him being the Princess's chosen man. As was the custom, he was not allowed to get a mere glance of the Princess until she arrived at the ball.
All that day, Link's heart was skipping beats. Some of the King's servants brought princly robes and clothed Link in them. He felt very honored, and handsome, too. He wondered if Zelda would ask him for a kiss.
When the sun sank into the horizon and darkness was just settling in, the castle was ringing with excitement. Men and women made a prominade into the dance hall, where the King himself sat upon a large throne.
The servants hung garlands of silk flowers all about the room. This cheered them up during the harsh winter weather. They lit every candle in the castle, so the rooms glowed brightly.
The trumpeter came to the front of the room, and blew one long, cheerful note through his instrument, and the hall was silent.
"Hear ye, hear ye!" he shouted. "Make ready to welcome Link, the one who shall charm the Princess tonight!"
A loud wave of cheers raised to the cielings, and Link was led into the hall by soldiers and servants. He felt shy, because it was very rare that he was the center of attention. But, all the same, he was eager to see Zelda.
"Make also ready, to see the beautiful Princess of Hyrule, Zelda!"
More cheers rose up from the throats of the guests. Two large, golden doors were opened to reveal a wide, marble staircase. Two soldiers and Impa escorted the Princess down.
Link gasped at the sight of Zelda. Her golden hair was twisted on top of her head, and a silver tiara was laid upon her locks. She wore a sparkling gold gown, with a strand of shimmering jewels around her neck. Her eyes twinkled like the stars in the heavens. Looking at Zelda was like staring into the sun.
Zelda smiled at Link, who accepted her gloved hand. An orchaestra led them into a lively waltz.
When the dancing was done, the servants brought on a giant feast for all. Link and Zelda sat side by side. Link had never seen the Princess look more lovely than she did this night.
After supper, there was more dancing. Two men burst through the crowds, and came straight over to Link.
"Hey, Link!" one of them hooted. "How did you get to meet your girlfriend? Here, have some wine."
Link accepted the beverage, and gulped it down quickly. He felt a little embarrassed at all this attention, and, without thinking, he said, "Girlfriend? What on earth are you talking about? Zelda's not my girlfriend!"
Zelda gasped. "What on earth are you talking about?" she said.
"I thought strong men were s'posed to be out in the alleys, fighting with each other!" the other man remarked.
"I…I am a strong man!" Link replied. "I just…like to hang around Princesses…well…to be more popular. That's right."
"Link!" Zelda was horrified at what he'd just said.
"And those golden curls…" Link was enjoying his casual sound, "They remind me of last year, when I wrestled that big fat hog!"
"Fat hog?" Zelda was more shocked than ever. "Link! What is the matter with you?"
One of the men whispered something into Link's ear. "It's…um…not me that has a problem, it's you! I mean, what do you use for make-up? Horse pie?" He was immediately regretful of his saying that. "Um…Zelda, I…"
"Link!" Zelda felt a cold, hard lump in her throat. "Please! Tell me why you are being so rude to me! This is really not like you!"
"Come on, buddy," one of the men said, slapping Link on the back. "Let's go get some wine!"
"But Link isn't a wine-drinker," Zelda told them.
Link, not wanting to look bad in front of the two men, replied, "Ha! If you think I don't drink seven cups a night, you don't know me!"
He gave Zelda an appologetic look, but the Princess would see or hear nothing of it. The backs of her eyes burned, and she broke out in loud sobs. "Link, if you think you can lead me into thinking you love me, and then turn on me, then you've lost me forever!"
Zelda ran out of the ballroom as fast as she could go. She could feel the eyes of the others fixed hard on her, but she didn't care. She just kept running until she reached the main hall.
The Princess stared into a mirror that hung upon the wall. Her tear-streaked, red-eyed face stared back at her.
"What's wrong with me?" she said aloud. "Why did Link suddenly start insulting me like that?"
Zelda sighed, and sank down in a niche in the wall next to a state of Nayru, the goddess of wisdom. She felt cheated and very humiliated. "All this time, I thought he loved me, and I loved him very much," the Princess told the statue, "but, all of a sudden, he's acting as if he's drunk, like those other two men. I thought he was worthy of being the Hero of Hyrule."
Zelda sobbed loudly. She was so lost in her self-pity, she failed to notice that Link had entered the room, and was standing near her.
"Zelda…" he bore a look of embarrasment upon his face.
"Go…go away," the Princess grumbled. "I don't want to see you."
"I told you to leave! I don't want to talk with you right now!"
"But, Zelda…"
She bolted up, and glared at him. "Say no more!" She exclaimed. "I've heard enough from that dirty tongue of yours!"
"Zelda, please tell me what is wrong!"
"What is wrong, you ask? I say it is you who is wrong, Link! You insulted me, and humiliated me in front of the guests!"
"I…um…my tongue just slipped, honest, Zel-"
Zelda was furious. "Your tongue slipped? You cheated me, embarrassed me, insulted me…and the only excuse you can come up with, is that your tongue slipped? Get that babbling mouth of yours out of my castle, you pathetic, unfaithful cheater!"
"Very well," he said. Link turned away, feeling very heavy-hearted, and shameful. Now you've done it, Link! A little voice from inside his head whispered. You've lost her for good!
"Fine!" Link snapped. "I'll go!" He scoffed at Zelda. "See? I'll walk right over to the door! Watch me! I'll open it!"
Link heaved the large doors open, and a huge, freezing-cold gust of wind brought sheets upon sheets of ice and snow inside. The shock knocked him off his feet. When he stood back up, and opened his eyes, he saw something that shocked him.


Her long strands of firy red hair floated in the night air. Her skin was pale and fair, her lips moist and blood red, and her eyes twinkled and shimmered like two tiny emeralds.
Link was speechless. He held the doors open, and didn't mind the cold wind. The beautiful young stranger stood there, looking at him.
"Who…are…you?" Link managed to mutter.
"I am Lina," the girl replied.
"Where did you come from? Why are you out on such a cold night?"
"I…um…" Lina hesitated, looked around, and continued, "Oh, why does it matter anyway? I ran away, and I'm not going back."
The two of them stood there, staring at each other. Their eyes met. It was as if they were entranced.
Zelda sat up, wiped her eyes, and when she saw Link and Lina, standing there, almost as if they were…
That relationship will be torn apart if Link makes a wrong move with that girl, a voice from inside her said.
But, all the same, deep down within, Zelda didn't like what she was seeing.

* * * * *

"What do you mean you're letting him stay here a little longer?" Zelda glared at her father with angry eyes.
"Zelda, dear," he told her, "You know this crazy weather is keeping everyone indoors these days. We couldn't just turn him out into the cold, you know."
Link and I have already thrown each other out into the cold, she thought.
"Okay, fine," Zelda decided, after some thinking. "By when the snow melts, they both leave."
"They both leave?" the King was confused.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you," the Princess said.
"Forgot to tell me what?"
"Well, Link and I were out in the main hall," she explained. "We got into that big fight, as you know. Well, Link, being upset and all, was opening the door to leave, and there was this girl standing out there."
"A girl?"
"She's about my age, is tall, has firy red hair, sparkling green eyes…" Zelda paused, shivering a little, and managed to say, "Well, let's just say, she's got anything a man could want," before she dashed upstairs into her bedchamber and wept.


"So, why did you run away from home?" Link asked.
Lina lowered her eyes. "That's something I wish not to repeat," she replied.
"I…I understand…" Link couldn't take his eyes off this beautiful woman. Her hair looked so soft and silky, and it poured like a waterfall over her shoulders, and all the way down her back.
The two of them were in the main hall, sitting upon a red sofa. They had no idea, that they were being watched.
Zelda stood at the top of the marble staircase, hiding behind a statue of the three Goddesses: Din, Nayru, and Farore.
"Just…who is that other girl?"
Zelda flinched, and sank further behind the sculpture.
"What other…oh, you mean that blonde-haired girl who was crying last night? That's Princess Zelda. Her father owns this castle, as you know."
Lina coughed; she was probably a little sick from her travel through the blizzard last night. "Why was she so upset?"
Tell her, Link. Fess up! Zelda thought.
"Well, we got into a little fight during the ball. I, um, well…got really mad at her, because, well, she was making fun of me. Then, um, I told her I was hurt by her insults, and she, er, got mad."
Zelda was horrified. He had cheated her, humilated her, and now he was lying about her! She wanted to go right out with a sword and slit Link's throat, but she tried her best to remain calm.
"How immature," Lina sniffed. "This Zelda person sounds real unpleasant to be around."
"Um, yeah," Link looked a bit pale. "Hey, Lina?"
Changing the subject, are we?
"There's a ball tonight, and, well, I was thinking, since, um, Zelda may not want to dance with me…will you come?"
Lina smiled. "Of course I will."
"Thank you. It will be a pleasure to be with you."
They stood up, and held hands. Then, Link did something that amazed Zelda. He lifted Lina by her waist, and spun her around.
"Oh, Link!" Lina laughed. "We'll have such a splendid time. I must get ready. I'll see you tonight."
Lina ran happily out of the room, her shiny red hair floating gracefully behind her.
Link remained behind, looking after her, a big smile on his face.
Zelda stormed down the staircase. "I don't like what I'm seeing!" She shouted. "I don't like it one bit! Link, you are such a liar! You just told that little wretch that I insulted you! I saw and heard everything!"
Link frowned, and his eyes buldged. "I, er, that is…"
Zelda shouldered her arm, and punched Link with all her might, straight in the eye. He yowled in pain.
"Now, please explain to me, why did you lie to Lina?"
"Ow! Er, uh…I've gotta go."
He dashed away, leaving Zelda boiling with anger. "What has got into you, Link?" she said aloud.

Part Two


It was time to get ready for the ball, and Zelda had no partner. Link was going to dance the night away with this girl called Lina, only he'd be dancing with a black eye. But even that didn't satisfy her enough.
The Princess sat with her head down upon the dressing table in her bedchamber. Impa knelt beside her.
"Impa, what am I going to do?" Zelda moaned.
"I don't think there is much you can do," Impa responded. "If Link wants to fall in love with some other girl, he can do so. You have no control of that, you know."
"It's just…so…unfair!" exclaimed the Princess. "Why did he dump me all of a sudden? Why did he start making fun of me in front of everyone? Oh, Impa, I don't want to show my face at that dance."
"You don't have to, if you really don't want to."
"Wouldn't Father be disappointed in me for not showing up at the ball he dedicated to me?"
"It's up to you if you want to attend or not, dear."
"Still, I want to see what Link and Lina are doing while they're there."
"How would you do that?"
"I think I still have my mother's black hat," Zelda told her, "You know, that one with the thick veil in the front? Perhaps I could use it to hide my face at the ball."
"Good idea," Impa replied.


Everything was pretty much the same as it was the night before in the ballroom, only Link was dancing with Lina, and not Zelda.
The Princess arrived shortly after the dancing had begun. She wore a long, black gown with a cape that reached about knee-length. Her delicate hands wore long, black gloves, and her face was hidden behind the veil of her mother's hat. Zelda knew she wouldn't be recognized wearing dark colors.
Impa wore a pale green gown, with a matching feathered mask. She also wore a long, curly, brown wig to hide her gray hair. Impa had a feathered boa wound around her arms, and green gloves to hide her large, bony hands.
"There he is!" Zelda hissed. "It's Link!"
"And Lina," Impa added. "Say, isn't that your silver tiara you wore to last night's ball?"
Lina was wearing a silky pink gown, with lacy scarfs that floated like her hair.
Link and Lina were dancing, staring into each other's eyes. Seeing them like that gave Zelda a vague feeling of longing in her heart.
Somebody tapped the Princess on her shoulder. She turned, and noticed that it was one of the men who had dragged Link away from her the previous night.
"Care to dance, Miss?"
Zelda pondered this. She didn't want to have anything to do with this man, but she didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb, and be noticed by everyone, so she accepted the offer.
"What is your name?" the man questioned.
Zelda paused for a moment, and said, "Genevieve."
"Where do you come from?"
Zelda, or Genevieve, was not listening. She was watching Link and Lina the whole time. Finally, she realized that she, too, was dancing with somebody.
"What is your name?" she asked. But, when she turned around, she noticed her partner had left. Impa was standing beside her. "We'd better get ready, Zel-uh, Genevieve," she told her. "It's almost time for the feast."
"Okay, Impa," Zelda replied.
"You mean Jinette," she corrected.
Soon, the large tables were set, and the guests were seated. Zelda and Impa sat across from Link and Lina.
All the while, Zelda didn't eat a bite. She just sat, and watched Link and Lina.


Link stared at Lina. He was nearly hypnotized by her beauty. It seemed as if there were no other people in the entire world except them, as if they were sitting high above the clouds. He forgot that there was ever any trouble in the universe; just he and Lina.
Zelda couldn't take her eyes off Lina, either. She couldn't help thinking about something, or someone, she had seen before.
"Link," Lina sighed, dreamily, "This is so romantic…the two of us…in a fine castle…at a ball…"
"Lina," Link sighed, "When I look at you, when I sense your presence, I feel warm, even in the coldest of blizzards."
Zelda's heart was shattering at these words between the two of them. She felt very selfish, and very senseless, but, somewhere, deep down inside, she wanted to be in love with Link again.
Oh, my dear Link, she thought, please, tell me how you are feeling about this whole situation, so that I might understand you, and that we may be bonded together again.
Link and Lina stared into each other's eyes, in an unearthly gaze. They were smiling, and the next thing Zelda knew, they were holding hands. She watched, as they drew their heads slowly together, and, as their heads became closer, Zelda watched in horror, as their lips touched…and they kissed, long and full. Link took Lina into his arms, and they embraced for the longest time the Princess had ever known two people to do.
Zelda felt as if everything inside her body were shattering into a million tiny pieces, and as if there was hot lava filling her mind and her heart. She stood up, gasped for air, struggled to breathe, and sped away, all the way up to her bedchamber, where she lay sobbing a lake of tears onto her bed.


Zelda screamed. The two giant Moblins heaved at her with their spears. In a desperate cry for help, she called, "Link! Help! Help!"
But Link was too busy kissing Lina to save her. Once again, Zelda screamed, "Link! Help me! They're going to nudge me off this cliff!
Zelda took a look down, and saw a sea of crackling fire, and snakes with sharp, bloody fangs coiled on the ground. She looked back at Link, who was still kissing Lina.
It was too late. The moblins had given her a hard blow with their spears, and she was falling, falling through an endless nothing.
The Princess rolled over.
"Zelda, wake up."
"You had a nightmare," Impa said, softly.
Zelda let out a sigh of relief, though she knew the horror was not over.
"Impa, when will Link love me again?" Zelda asked, slowly.
Impa looked puzzled. "I thought Link was a cheater and a liar."
"I know that," Zelda replied. "But there must be a good reason for his behavior the other night."
"It's an explanation beyond our power," muttered Impa.
"I do know something that can interpret the situation for us." Zelda made a fist with her right hand, and held it high in the air. The Triforce of Wisdom glowed on her wrist.
"Oh, great Triforce of Wisdom," she said in a slow, low, robotic voice. "Tell me, explain to me all that has been happening these last few days. Who is Lina? Why has Link suddenly turned on me?"
"Please respond, Triforce of Wisdom."
I have heard it, and seen it all, it replied. Link has been put under a mystic spell by two Moblins in disguise. Those Moblins are the two men you met at the first ball. The wine they offered to him had a special concoction that kept him from thinking clearly. Whenever he says something, he thinks about it after he says it. Therefore, he insulted you, partially without knowing it.
"Oh, dear!" Zelda gasped. "I have been hating Link for something he barely knew he was doing!"
Impa took a deep breath. "Tell us, O great Triforce of Wisdom, who is this person called Lina?"
Ah, Lina… the Triforce said. She is none other than he, the Great King of Evil, Ganondorf.


"They're to be married tonight."
Zelda nearly fainted. "Father, what…who…ugh…"
"What's the matter, Zelda?" the King asked his daughter.
"Link and…ugh…I'm going to bed."


"Impa," Zelda said, out of breath, when she reached the door to her bedchamber. "Have you heard? Link and Lina are going to be married!"
Impa nearly fell out of the chair she was seated on.
"Yes, Link and Lina are to me wed tonight, and you know what that means."
"It means," Impa panicked, "That Ganondorf will sooner or later take the Triforce of Courage from Link's hand."
They were silent for a moment. The silence was soon broken, by Zelda.
"Ganondorf, that fool…" she muttered. "He thinks by making me depressed and heartbroken, he can catch me off guard, and steal the Triforce of Wisdom."
Now, Zelda was the one panicking. "Impa, we must stop that wedding! We can't just be feeble and give up hope!"
"And Hyrule," Impa added. "But, if Ganondorf sees you at the wedding, he will steal the Triforce from you for certain."
"Good point," said Zelda. "Perhaps we should go in a disguise, even tougher than the ones we wore last night." She looked out the window, and saw two armored guards strolling in the snow. "And I think I may have the perfect idea."


Impa and Zelda dashed down the corridors from the Soldiers' Room, carrying their flashing suits of golden armor. They ran into Zelda's bedchamber, and put them on.
"This armor is heavy," Zelda remarked.
"Heavier than mine," said Impa.
Zelda rolled her golden hair up, and placed her helmet onto her head. She laughed, and told her caretaker, "Nobody should recognize us in these outfits."
"Lower your voice, Zelda," Impa reminded her. "We need to sound like men. Better yet, don't speak at all."
"Now, what are we supposed to do at the wedding?"
"Guard your father. Here's a spear for you." She handed the Princess the shining weapon. "Be careful with it-the blade is rather sharp."
"Maybe we can kill the so-called bride before she gets to the altar," Zelda exclaimed.
"No," Impa shook her head. "That would make us too obvious."
They covered their hair and faces with their helmets, and clanked down the halls.

Soon, it was time for the wedding to begin. It was to be held in the chapel, where candles were lit and flowers were scattered about. Everyone in the castle was invited, and it came as quite a surprise to the King when his daughter didn't show up.
"I wonder why she didn't come to her own boyfriend's wedding?" he said to the soldier to his left, who was really Impa.
"I don't know."
"She must be upset, not to be marrying Link," the soldier on the King's right-hand side, Zelda, suggested.
"Sh!" the soldier sitting in the pew behind them hissed. "The ceremony is starting."
Everyone watched as the procession moved up the aisle. People had been randomly selected to be bridesmaids and such, because the snowstorms made people from outside the castle unable to make the trip over.
Link, the groom, entered. He wore a very proud expression upon his face. Zelda felt sorry for him; he did not know what was going to be happening.
Then, 'Lina,' the beautiful 'bride' made 'her' entrance. She wore a sparkling, snow-white gown, and her veil trailed behind her on the floor.
The Bishop greeted them at the altar, and the ceremony began. Zelda stared at Lina the entire time, watching her every move. The service droned on and on, and the Princess just waited for Lina to sieze Link by the wrist, steal the Triforce of Power, and reveal her true identity.
When both groom and 'bride' had taken their vows, and the Bishop was just beginning to marry them, Zelda was ready to stand. Hyrule was now teetering between good and evil. The Princess had not a second to spare.
Link smiled, and 'Lina' did, too. Then, the Bishop opened his mouth. The words came out. "I now pronounce you-"
In a split-second, Zelda was standing at the altar, directly between the bride and groom. "No!" she shouted. "Don't do it, Link! You can't do this! Not for the peace of Hyrule!"
"Sir, you may be seated," the Bishop said, nervously.
"Pardon me, Sir," Link said, annoyed, "but I will marry whoever I please, thank you."
"This woman you are calling your bride…" Zelda said through clenched teeth, pointing her spear at Lina.
Link grabbed Zelda's shoulders. "Lay that spear upon my wife, and…"
Zelda only put the spear closer to Lina's chest. She looked worried. "This…"
"Sir, do you want to fight?"
"This is a man! This is an evil man! This is Gan-"
"SO BE IT!" Link pounced on Zelda, and she screamed, forgetting to sound masculine. She backed away from Link, who sent a hard blow to her head that knocked her helmet off. Her face and hair were revealed.
Link lowered his fist, and was shocked.
There were gasps from the congregation, especially the King.
"What…what are you doing here?" Link asked.
"I've come to save Hyrule," she told him, firmly. "That person you are calling your wife is none other than…
There was an enormous flash, and when Link turned around, he saw, not Lina, but…
Zelda's father fainted.
"Heh, heh, heh!" The evil King sneered. "I've hooked you this time! Now that you two are together…"
He sent purple waves of darkness at Link and Zelda.
"Give me the Triforce Parts! Now!"
Everyone ran away screaming, except Link and Zelda, who could not.
"Never!" Link shouted.
"Then, you shall both die!"
"Link! Hurry!" Zelda screamed. "Follow me!"
Link and Zelda scurried out of the chapel. Ganondorf stormed after them. "You think you're smart," he shouted, "But I'll get you yet!" He hurled fireballs in their direction.
Zelda led Link into her bedchamber, and, with all her might, she heaved the bookcase out of the way to reveal a door. Zelda opened it, and she and Link ran through a secret tunnel. Ganondorf lurked close behind, and he snapped fireballs in their direction.
Link and Zelda scrambled down several staircases and tunnels, all the while being chased by the King of evil. Zelda wasn't trying to hide from him; in fact, she was remaining obvious to him on purpose. Losing Ganondorf would thoroughly destroy her plan.


Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf chased through mazes of rooms, corridors, and tunnels. After some time, Link became tired of running. He was desperate to stop to catch his breath, but he knew Ganondorf would fry him with fireballs. And he didn't have any means of attacking him back.
Just when Link knew his chest would explode, Zelda said, "Here we are."
"Look out!" the Princess cried, pulling Link over to the far side of the room. Ganondorf stormed into the room. "I've got you know! You're trapped! You have no way of escaping! This room has no windows, and I'm blocking the one door! Ha, ha, ha!
Link gasped. He knew this was the end. It was all over. Ganondorf walked slowly over to him. "Any last words?"
Link turned sheet-white, but Zelda remained absolutely calm. He was amazed.
"Silence, eh?" the evil King sneered. "Well, we may as well get it over with! Ha, ha, ha! The Triforce is mine! It's all-AAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Ganondorf fell through the floor, as if there were a hole there. He screamed and howled, and the cries seemed to slip farther and farther away. Zelda held out her hands, and there was a groaning noise. "That should do it!" She said. "Now, let's get out of here!"
The Princess held her hands high in the air, and a golden light appeared above them. The light grew larger and larger, and when it exploded, both Link and Zelda were warped onto the moonlit rooftop of the Hyrule Castle.


"How did you ever come to find this out, Zelda?" Link asked her.
"I consulted the Triforce of Wisdom. It would never lie."
Link looked down. "Zelda," he said, slowly, "I'm sorry for insulting you at the dance. I just wasn't thinking straight. I guess I didn't want to look bad in front of those two men, after they offered me that wine. Will you…forgive me?"
There was a long silence. Zelda looked at Link, smiling. "Yes, I do forgive you."
"Link, let's put all that has happened today far behind us," Zelda said. "Let's forget it all happened."
They stared deeply into each other's eyes. To Link, Zelda's eyes looked like two stars in the moonlight.
Link and Zelda's hands touched. They were in a world were only they existed, and the moon. Their heads slowly moved toward each other, and the next thing they knew, they were kissing.
It was almost as if Hyrule was peaceful once again, as if every evil being in the universe had been changed into a kind, warm soul, but that had yet to happen.


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