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Getting Epona the Horse

Most of you may already know how to get Epona, but for those of you who do not, here's how:

Go to Lon Lon Ranch as an adult in the daytime with at least 70 rupees. When you go out to the corral, you will find the gates shut and Ingo standing in front of them. He will offer to let you ride the horses for 10 rupees. Say 'yes,' and when you are in the corral, instead of mounting the provided horse, whip out your ocarina and play Epona's Song. Epona should immediately come galloping over to you. You can identify her by her white tail and mane. Mount Epona and ride around for awhile until time runs out. You can take this time to practice riding. Talk to Ingo again, and ride for a second time. This time, get on Epona and use Z-targetting to talk to Ingo. He'll tell you that you're doing great and challenge you to a race with a 50-rupee wager. Accept the challenge.

The horse race can be tough for a beginner. You must run all the way around the corral, and cross the finish line before Ingo does. Always keep at least ONE carrot. Using up all your carrots slows you down. Try to stay as close to the fence as you can without running into it. If you lose the race, Ingo will take your 50 rupees, and you'll have to start all over again. If you win, Ingo will be really ticked and tell you to race again. If you beat him again this time, Epona will be yours to keep, so by all means, say 'yes.' This time, though, Ingo will be tougher to beat, so be very quick. If you win, Ingo will go nuts. You now have Epona--but you're trapped in the corral.

Don't give up--there is a way out. simply approach one of the wooden fences that surround the corral area, excellerate...and JUMP. If you successfully leaped over the fence, you will be in the sunny Hyrule Field, and you'll have Epona. While riding the horse, you will be able to move faster to your destinations. If you ever want to ride her, simply call her using Epona's Song.

The Four Bottles

Here are the locations of every bottle and how to get them:

1st bottle--Lon Lon Ranch--Beat the Super Cucco game.

2nd bottle--Kakariko Village--Put all cuccos in the fence.

3rd bottle--Lake Hylia--dive for the bottled letter at the bottom.

4th bottle--Kill all Big Poes and sell them to the guy in the guard house (see Big Poe Locations).

Big Poe Locations

Here are all the locations of the Big Poes:

1. Near the sign by the drawbridge.

2. Under the overhang near Zora's River.

3. Near the tree by the entrance of Lon Lon Ranch.

4. Brush up against a bush by the stream near Hyrule Castle.

5. At the Gerudo Valley Crossroads.

6. Go past the rock (or the hole) in the area with lots of trees.

7. By the tree near Gerudo Valley.

8. Near the gray rock by the rope fences.

9. At the corner of the wall by Lon Lon Ranch.

10. By the isolated tree in the foresty area.

The Mask of Truth

To get the Mask of Truth, you must complete a special trade sequence. Go to the Happy Mask Shop in the marketplace, and borrow the Keaton Mask. Take the Keaton Mask to the guard in front of the entrance to Death Mountain Trail. He will buy the mask, and now you must take the money back to the Happy Mask Shop to borrow another mask.

Here is a list of who wants each mask:

Skull Mask= Single skull kid in the Lost woods.

Spooky Mask= Graveyard kid.

Bunny Hood= Running Man.

Now, take money from the Running Man to the Happy Mask Shop. The man will thank you, and you will now be allowed to borrow any mask at any time. Borrow the Mask of Truth, and use it to talk to the Gossip Stones.

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