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Dodongo's Cavern

1. Bomb open the entrance.

2. Go to the left side of the large room. Avoid the lava pits. Pick a bomb flower and bomb down the wall. Open the treasure chest and recieve the Dungeon Map.

3. Now, go to the opposite side of the room. Bomb down the door farthest away from you.

4. Walk down the dark tunnel. Be careful of the Baby Dodongos that lurk in this area.

5. At the end of the hall, push the statue onto the switch. Now, go through the unbarred door.

6. Shoot the keese and go through the door.

9. Defeat both Lizalfos.

10. Go through the door, and you'll find yourself in a roomful of Dodongos. Slash them on their tails a few times to defeat them, but beware of their firy breath.

11. Light the torches and go through the door. You will now be back in the main room. Step on the switch to unbar the door across the room.

12. Go through the now-unbarred door. Blow up the wall to get the Compass. Set a Bomb Flower in the gap in the rows of Bomb Flowers. When it blows up, a stairway will appear.

13. Climb the stairs and go through the door at the top of the room.

14. Push the statue away from the ladder. Step on the switch to open the door.

15. Walk across the bridge to proceed to the next room.

16. Avoiding the Razor Traps, make your way to the bombable door. From the platform, toss a bomb onto the ledge. This may take a few tries.

17. Go through the newly opened passage. Shoot the eye switch to extinguish the fire. Hop to the doorway.

18. Defeat a second pair of Lizalfos.

19. Shoot the two eye switches to extinguish the pillars of fire.

20. Hop over the platforms in the next room to the chest containing the Bomb Bag.

21. Walk out of the room and you'll be on the top floor of the main room. Step on the switch to cause the platforms below to rise. This will come in handy if you fall down.

22. Drop bombs into the eyes of the Big Dead Dodongo below. This will open its mouth to reveal a door. Hop down and go through it.

23. In the next room, go up into a passage that leads around to a brown block on the opposite side of the room. Push it off the edge, hop down, pull it out a little bit, and push it into the hole in the floor to raise the bars.

24. Drop a bomb in the center of the floor to reveal a hole. Drop down through it, and prepare to fight King Dodongo.


Another easy boss for the experienced, King Dodongo is a giant version of the Dodongos you met earlier in this dungeon. When he opens his mouth to fry you with his firy breath, toss a bomb into his jowls. This will stun him, allowing you time to whack him with your sword. He will writhe in pain, and start rolling. Crouch under your Hylian Shield, if you have one, to protect yourself when he rolls over you. Repeat this attack three or four times. If you run out of ammunition, there are Bomb Flowers in the corners of the room to refill your arsenal. When he makes his final roll, it will be into the pool of bubbling lava in the center of the arena. Grab your Heart Container and step into the warp portal.

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