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Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

1. After feeding Jabu-Jabu a fish, shoot the white thing hanging from the cieling to unblock the door. Go into the next room.

2. Use a Deku Stick to destroy the jellyfish creature in the next room. Proceed through the door.

3. You should now be in a room with pits in the floor. You will meet Princess Ruto. She will say she wants no rescuation, and then falls down a pit. Go down the pit after her.

4. Talk to Ruto again. She will ask you to carry her. Pick her up, and take her through the door behind you. KEEP IN MIND: Putting Ruto down in deep water makes her disappear. If you ever lose her for any reason, return to the pit room to retrieve her.

5. Hop down into the pit and throw Ruto onto the other side. Now, step on the switch to raise the water level and join her. Pick her up, and go down the passageway. Put Ruto down, and shoot the white thing over the door to unblock it. Pick her up again and go through the door.

6. Step onto the platform, but you may want to destroy the Octorok before doing so. Grab Ruto and ride the elevator back up to the main floor. Go back to the pit room.

7. Go to the hallway on the northernmost side of the room. Beware of the large Bari that drops from the cieling.

8. You will now be in a twisting hallway infested with Tailsparsaron. Go down the passage to your RIGHT.

9. Avoid the tentacle, and step on the white switch while holding Princess Ruto. Go through the door.

10. Set Ruto down at the beginning of the door, and destroy the Stingers. You will find it easier to kill them using bombs.

11. Open the chest to get the Boomerang.

12. Take Ruto down the hall to the westernmost door. Leave Ruto on the switch and go through the door.

13. You will now be face-to-face with the first Paristic Tentacle. While Z-targetted, use the boomerang to hit its middle. After the first hit, you must come close in order to lure the Tentacle down to you. After about four successful hits, the Tentacle will dissentigrate. Open the treasure chest for the Dungeon Map. Exit the room and retrieve Ruto from the switch.

14. The slimy thing that was blocking a part of the hallway before is now gone, as Navi will point out. Go through the door that is now accessible.

15. Set Ruto at the beginning of the room. Kill all the Shabom in the time limit. Use your boomerang.

16. After defeating all the Shabom, open the treasure chest and recieve the Compass.

17. Go into the northern room off the east hallway and destroy another Paristic Tentacle.

18. When the second tentacle has died, the central hallway is now open. Go through the door, and defeat the final Tentacle. Kill the Biri that surround it before doing so.

19. Backtrack to the pit room. Jump down the hole that was originally blocked by a tentacle.

20. Go through the door behind you.

21. Throw Ruto onto the platform. She will pick up the Spiritual Stone of Water, but the platform will rise.

22. When the platform comes back down, get ready for a Sub-Boss battle.


This Mini-Boss looks much like an Octorok you met earlier, but thank goodness it doesn't spit huge rocks at you. Throw your boomerang at his head to stun him. He will spin around when he begins to recover. Hit him with the boomerang again, and hope his backside will be facing you. If it doesn't, try again. If it does, slash the big green sore with your sword. Repeat until he dies.

23. When Bigocto's dead, hop onto the platform, and it will automatically rise to the room above. Breathe a sigh of relief that you no longer have to carry Ruto. Place a crate on the switch to hold the door open, and go into the next room.

24. Throw your boomerang at the wiggling block in front of you to make it stand still. You might want to kill the Octorok at this time. Then, throw your boomerang at the other block, and hop to the doorway. You will now be in the room preceeding the pit room.

25. Use a crate to weight the switch, and go through the door.

26. Kill all the Biri for your convenience, climb the wall, stand on the edge of the platform, and use the boomerang to hit the switch covered in cobwebs.

27. Proceed through the now-accesible door, and prepare to fight one of the toughest Bosses of the game!


The main thing you want to remember while fighting this electrified monster, is to KEEP MOVING AT ALL TIMES. If you stand still, you will be shocked. Barinade has rows of electrified jellyfish surrounding him, plus three tentacles attatched to the cieling. Destroy the tentacles, and then do your work on the jellyfish. Stun Barinade with your boomerang to make him stand still. This will make the jellyfish easier to kill. As soon as you have left Barinade unarmed, he will begin to move quickly about, shooting waves of electricity at you. Hit him with the boomerang to stun him, and take the time to hit him with your sword. When he's been defeated, watch as he rots and is reduced to green goop, retrieve your new Heart Container, and join Ruto in the warp portal.

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