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Inside The Great Deku Tree

1. Climb the viny walls.

2. Open the treasure chest to recieve the Dungeon Map.

3. Go through the door and defeat the Deku Scrub.

4. Go through the other door in the Scrub room and hop across the platforms to the shelf where a treasure chest sits.

5. Open the chest and get the Fairy Slingshot.

6. Shoot the ladder down with your new slingshot, and go back to the main room.

7. Climb the vines to the top floor.

8. Go through the door and step on the switch.

9. Hop across the raised platforms, open the chest, and recieve the Compass.

10. Light the torch to unbar the door.

11. Kill the Big Skulltula blocking the edge and make a jump. If you aimed right, you should break through the net in floor.

12. In the basement, use a Deku Stick as a torch to burn away the cobwebs, and go through the door.

13. Defeat the Deku Baba and memorize the number he tells you. Shoot the eye switch to unbar the door.

14. Dive down and press the switch to lower the water.

15. Ride the platform to the other side.

16. Push the red block to be able to reach the door.

17. Light all torches to open the door.

18. Crawl through the hole.

19. Push the block off the edge into the pool.

20. Use a Deku Stick to carry fire from the big torch to the net.

21. Jump through the hole. Defeat the three Deku Scrub Brothers.

22. Go through the door and fight Queen Gohma.


For the experienced gamer, this is a pathetic excuse for a boss. When her single eye turns red, Queen Gohma is vulnerable to attack. Shoot the eye with your slingshot. This will momentarily stun her. Give her a couple swipes with your sword. When the stunning spell is broken, she will climb the wall and retreat to the cieling (What a coward!). Shoot her in the eye, and do so quickly. If you do, she will fall to the ground, stunned again. If you don't, Gohma will proceed to lay eggs. Slash the eggs before they can hatch into Gohma Larva. If they do, a single hit with your sword will put them out.

Repeat the "Shoot the red eye, stun her, slash her" sequence. When you have done this a few times, she will fall dead. Pick up the Heart Container she leaves. It will increase your maximum Life Energy by one heart. Now, go into the blue warp portal.

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