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The Grand Duchy of Lamb's Cove and the Southern Plantations advertisement

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As a result of increased interaction with other nations in the Vexillium, the game of association football (soccer) is becoming more and more popular in Lamb's Cove. However, professional leagues are still in the developmental level, and even the top teams probably don't match up with those in the junior leagues in other countries.

Baseball, on the other hand, has a long and cherished tradition in Lamb's Cove. The major professional league has been in existence for more than 60 years, and there are semi-pro and developmental leagues in just about every corner of the nation.

Finally, the newest sporting passion in Lamb's Cove is curling. Following the success of the national teams in two consecutive Winter VexGames, a professional curling league has been organized, and is set to begin play in the winter of 302.

Lamb's Cove also played host to the Games of the IIIrd Vexillium in the summer of 301.


There are 12 teams in the Lamb's Cove Baseball League, playing in two six-team divisions. The season runs from April through September, with each team playing the others in its division 20 times each and in the other division 7 times each, for a total of 142 games. The top teams in each division receive season championship trophies.

In September and October, the teams are seeded into a double-elimination tournament, based on their regular season finish. The tournament and its champion are viewed as separate from the league play, although both are immensely popular. (The tournament is so popular, in fact, that many people schedule their vacations for it, and some businesses plan their schedules around the games.)

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Covian Curling Conference

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The Grand Duchy of Lamb's Cove and the Southern Plantations
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