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The Grand Duchy of Lamb's Cove and the Southern Plantations advertisement

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Flags & Symbols

With such the complex history that the Grand Duchy of Lamb's Cove and the Southern Plantations has, the national symbols obviously have a tale of their own.

The city of Covington has always been the most dominant of the duchy's communities. Its flag represents the moon and a star in the night sky, which guided travelers. The flag is reportedly derived from early city crests, although no images of those crests survive.

City flag of Covington

When the Burgher of Covington assumed the title of Grand Duke, the Castille family crest was modified to incorporate Covington's moon and star. Eventually these symbols were modified into a flag.

Royal arms

Original royal flag

In their earliest days, each of the plantations used shields of various designs; the meanings of most of the symbols have been lost over time. What is unusual is the fact that the shields were not the traditional shape, but rather circular, like a military roundel. Modified designs were used for each plantation's flag after unification.

Current flag

When the seven plantations united, the Plantation Congress devised a simple representation of the union: seven stars on a field of green, representing the plantations' agricultural heritage.

Flag of the Southern Plantations

When the Grand Duke of Lamb's Cove was ousted, the public demanded the removal of all royal symbols. The national flag was simplified by deleting the fleur-de-lis and the moon-and-star.

Flag of Lamb's Cove

During unification talks between the duchy and the plantations, international affairs were managed by the Kingdom of Christiana. A flag based on Christiana's flew over the protectorate, known temporarily as Nordland.

Flag of the
Nordland Protectorate

Unification talks resulted in the combined name of Lamb's Cove and the Southern Plantations. Thus, it was a simple matter to combine the plantation stars and the stripes of Lamb's Cove to give the merged nation a new standard.

Flag of Lamb's Cove
and the Southern Plantations

Naval forces use the same symbols on their ensign in a different configuration. A special parade banner is used for ceremonial functions.

Naval ensign

Parade banner

When the Grand Duke was restored, a modified royal standard was devised. It used a single fleur-de-lis instead of three, and the moon-and-star were replaced with the seven stars of the plantations.

New royal standard
The Grand Duchy of Lamb's Cove and the Southern Plantations
is a fictional nation created by Michael J. Rudolf
and is part of the ImagiNations game created by Edward Mooney © 1997.
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