MP3 Players

Software that plays mp3 on your computer.

These are in order from good and well known on top to sucky on bottom

Order is in order by me.

Want to go to the software site. Just put your mouse on top of it and look at the bottom of the browser

and type the letters to the .com or just email me and tell the title.

WinAmp 2.65 2112k
MusicMatch JukeBox 5.10 7445k
Jet Audio 4.7 8263k
Sonique 1.63 2040k
Microsoft Media Player 7.0 9324k
Media Jukebox 5.0.596 6670k New
Kjofol 2000 1.0b1 1336k
HyCD Play & Record 3.5.0809 12494k
C-4 2.2 1145k
WPlay Pro 715k
Real Jukebox 2.0 13681k
Real Player 8.0b 13681k
Megamix98 2.0 9600k
Unreal Player MAX 3.10.8a 1327k
MediaSauce 2.2 1330k
Soritong 1.0 1821k
Destiny MP3 Player 1.45 373k
QuickTime 4.12 8499k
Media Box 4.3 5990k
DJ2000 MP3 Manager & Player 1.4.0 2274k
MP3 Toolz 2.0 1210k
MusicAmp Audio Mp3 Studio 1.0 1250k
UltraPlayer 1.00 3134k
MPFree 1.9 1333k
Sonic Foundry Siren Jukebox 1.5b338 6892k
Threefifteen Music System 1.01 11093k
XRat Mpeg Player 1.1b1 543k
MVP 1.2 2081k
Mix Vibes 2.21 848k
MPEG DJ Player 1.31 1350k
Radiomatic 1.5.14 patch 1722k
Radiomatic 1.40 6028k
RadioDj 1.00 603k
StationRadio 1.03b 3912k
MusicBoss 1.05 12800k
SuperSonic 4.48 1138k
ScMPx 1.51 344k
The Shiznit 1.12 1253k
PowerPlayer 4.0 11858k
WinJey 1.01 505k
Audio Twister 2.0.8 3326k
Liquid Audio 4239k
CD Runner 2001.02 5252k
White Tiger Pro 3.00 4413k
eXtremeMP3 1.1b1 3563k
AudioVeda 2.0 4127k
MusicShark 0.5 463k
MPAction MP3 Toolkit 1.0.2 2844k
MPAction JukeBox 1.2 3101k
Fan 1.7 2897k
MP3 JumpGate 2.0 1502k
CDMP3 Player 1.60 2277k
Skinner 1.0 1387k
Muzicman 3.01c715 1759k
MP3Box 1.23 2815k
Apollo 37 580k
Yahoo! Player 1.0b2 1731k
Kewl-Media V2000 3.0 377k
StarAmp 1.2 844k
Star Trek MP3 Player 2.2 2365k
Mp3Bar 2.0 832k
Web Jockey 1.5 10895k
Y-Amp 3.3 2035k
Virtual Turntables 1.80 3670k
Carlanthano 2.9.869 2193k
Zappee 2.01 2508k
Mimic 1.10 2635k
Audio Blaster 1.5 2096k
Wired Planet MP3 Player 1.8 960k
Shuffler III R4 2809k
Full Motion Video 1.99 5496k
Amp2000 1.1 930k
NTP 1.23 1650k
akPlayer 1.80 854k
Pam 2000 2.74 2656k
Acez Jukebox 1.0 2808k
STP 2.815 286k
Anisoft Amp 1.0 1518k
MiniAmp 2.1 1971k
ThaiAMP b1 276k
Skull Player 4.0 2549k
Net Player MP3 1.1 430k
NRG 0.98 479k
Pro-DAT Professional 2.1 429k
xmPlayer 1.0 12288k
Desktop Jukebox 2.1 559k
VBAmp Pro 1.06 2008k
Mp3 Cyber Babe 2.0 1540k
Nad 0.94 147k New
Earjam IMP 2.0 12762k New
PIPL 1.0 827k New
Jupiter Jukebox 2.0.0 2400k
The J Box 2.5 8000k
Rosoft Media Player 1.0 2960k New
The professional MP3-Player for DJ's 2.0b5 161k
MP3Wolf 1.05 1495k
MP3 Walkman 1.0.1 50k
Mp3 Player'99 2.0 1200k
Xing MP3 Player 1.01 2105k
Playbox Pro 2.7 1235k
Magic Player 1.2 259k
Blue Labelle Jukebox 2.0 2631k
EwdiSoft JukeBox 1.0 2879k
PartyJukebox 1.06 2726k
KidMP3 1.1 1579k
MuseArc 850k
CD Spectrum Pro 2000 565k
Samsung Music Drive 0.99 1134k
Willow Media 1.01 4038k
Pulse 0.96 1852k
AllSound98 1286k
Esprit 1.53 1851k
CoolPlayer 1.0b7470 149k
MBD MP3 Player 1.1 364k
EasyPEG 1.0 682k
Amplifier Audio MPEG Player 1.0 509k
SJGPlay32 0.52 2700k
MBase 1.25 3161k
Lava! Player 2.01 6139k
MzkAmp 0.98 235k
Novastation MP3 Player 0.91.1 1006k
Karaoke MP3 b3 1977k
Karaoke MP3 Editor 161k
GMP3 1.08a 567k
Triquid 1 1559k
VVSPlayer 2.0b3 1621k
Top 10 Player 2.45 1698k
The Cassette Tape Producer 4.60 2583k
Chimes TrayPlay 1.0 37k
Tray MPEG Player 0.1 187k
KaraWin 0.98 2353k
VitShield 2.1 881k
Sharsoft MP3 Transfer 3b 3487k
The Power Play 2000 1.1 1635k
Sanook! Power Play THAI edition 1.1 1108k
Gucci Little Radiohead Amp 2.0 479k
Millennium Breathe RC1 1771k
Music Freak 3.0 780k
Digital Amp 2.1 1215k
Squash Mp3 1.5 946k
Amaplay 1.0 172k
AmpZilla 0.2b 42k
MusicAmp 0.96 428k
RamPlayer 2.0b2 1444k
Zar 1.0b 490k
SuperMP3 1.1 506k
TaXi-Player 1.0 659k
Multimedia Clock 1.21 1054k
MP3 Explorer 1.05b 660k
HB MP3 Player 3.0 394k
FreeAmp 2.1b5 1985k
FreePlayer 1.0 839k
FreePlay 1.0 410k
MAD Media Player 1.0 920k
Raduga 3.0 2777k
mp3Album 99 1.22 406k
Cosmo 1.0 340k
Discomobile 1.80 143k
ID-Player! 1.0 483k
Tinman 1.0 1750k
Komorebi 2.60 710k
ABI Mp3 0.3 182k
Scott's MP3 Player 1.0 580k
Mikeys MP3 Player 1.2 1032k
KornAMP 1.0 1205k New
Rocket Engeneer MP3 Player 1.0b 375k
Juke Multimedia Player 3.55 1235k
Multimedia MPEG 1.51 518k
Miles Sound Tools 6.0f 473k
CDH Media Wizard 5.0 10601k New
MAPlay 1.A 795k
Xaudio 1.0.1 1097k
MP3 Blaster32 2000 2072k
MP3 Player 0.45 273k
Buggy 1.73 395k
RainPlay 1.20 212k
AudioActive 2.06c 1360k
WinPlay3 2.3b5 32bit 983k
WinPlay3 2.3b5 16bit 807k
WISmp3 1.01a 1154k
TinyMP3 1.0 4k
Melody 1.4 288k
Xotonic 0.3b 417k
sMP3p 2.0b5 161k
Yo!MPEG Player v0.9.7.39b 445k
MP3-Jukebox 1.0 2100k
ChoiceCaster 1.0b 1700k
CustAmp 3.23 260k
Priest 1.01 758k New
CCMPlayer 1.5 723k
EntryPoint Mp3 Player 1.0 714k
Mp3archive Mp3 Player 1.0 475k
DigiDeck 0.82a 30k




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