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 Go!Zilla: Free software.  A Description.

Free Internet

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My Rankings              Games

  #1        Nib           2 Players

  #2        Ping Pong   1 Players

  #3               Pac Tag     2 Players


Cool Effects

Watch cool effect happen.  Also there are going to be many mouse interaction.



Cool Links

Terraserver-Look at satellite and aerial photos of your house or neighborhood online.

Smack Down- Hey you Smack Down (WWF) Fans here a link where on Wednesday you can learn what will happen in Smack Down before they air it on Thursday (the next day). Since Smack Down is Taped on Tuesday this is possible just click on the link on Wednesday and you will see that it is true, yes it's true.


Joke and other Funroom

MP3 World

In this room there are:




Mad Lib.

In this room you can find all kinds of

stuff about Mp3.

I have almost every known

MP3 player computer software

known to man.

Over 100.

Only take 15 seconds.

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