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Three new details have been confirmed by Square EA over the past few weeks concerning what will be released with Final Fantasy XI, for the PS2. Here they are:

Near simultaneous release in Japan and US

ISP provided by PlayOnline

Billing for use of PlayOnline, monthly or other

It is anticipated that Square will launch Final Fantasy XI in summer of 2001 in Japan then America. The dates between the releases could be as close as a few weeks.

The ISP, PlayOnline, is being designed and released by Square, not Sony. The ISP will support interaction between users in chat rooms and will likely have BBS's and download services.

Then comes the billing process. We don't know how it will be instituted, but it will be in place. So that means shelling out cash for the game, the modem, and the online service.

But what about interaction between US and Japan users? And where do our friends in Europe and Australia fit in? Will there be single and online play? Stay tuned for the developing details.