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Final Fantasy Castle
Final Fantasy Castle

Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantsy III

Beings of pure magic once ruled the world with
power and command. But power rarely leads to
contentment... A dispute amongst these beings
turned into an all-out war. Beasts of doom, known
as Espers, were created and unleashed to do the
bidding of their masters. This "War of the Magi"
reduced the world to smoldering rubble. When it
ended, the Espers were gone, as were most of the
citizens of the world.

Many centuries have passed since the war. Civilizations
have been rebuilt with iron, machines, and
technology. For years the Espers have existed only in
ancient legends. Now, an Esper has been discovered
and the forces of magic are beginning to return. The
risk of another, more devastating war is growing. The
...from a history of the War of the Magi

This is Final Fantasy Castle.
This page is currently under construction.

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