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00/07/16 Updating site

I have gone back to work on my site and have added frames and some new content, most of it HZ related. I will try to keep an up to date set of HZ links, and will also have assorted HZ information. I also have 100 signs you are addicted to HZ up.

A good HZ site to check out is Can I be in beta?

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00/03/10 I'm going on vacation

I am going to Italy for the next 2 weeks and so wil be out of the loop for a little while. I have finally finished putting up the "100"(326 actually) signs that you are addicted to Demise.

My email also has changed when I got cable.

Oh, I nearly forgot I have recieved over 3200 hits so far to my webpage, Whee!!!

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00/02/11 I Got My Copy of Demise (and finally updated my site)

I have recieved my copy of Demise. I had a bit of trouble with getting it to run the first time. I think I can blame it on my refusal to restart my computer and some cheezy Microsuck programs running.

Anyway I have made some updates, one of which is a new cartoon by Thorn. The others are just some links and a new member.

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00/01/17 Version 1.00r2 Out and Some More Updates

Verision 1.00r2 of Demise has just been released. You can get it here.

I've also made some updates to the webpage. Two new members joined and their names were added to the list and I guess you could say that I updated the 100 signs that you played too much Demise. Oh, I forgot to mention last update that the motto is Handit Over's.

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00/01/05 (What would have been): Update of the Millennium

Contrary to the pun, this isn't much of an update. I added a couple of links, got the Demise glossary form Snicker as well as a spell checked version of the terminology (loked fine to me). I also added a flame by DS and umm... that's it.

I had planned to make this update over a week ago, but I couldn't connect to angelfire and couldn't do a thing. I have reformated my HD and I am now having 'fun' time reinstalling everyting. At least I can reboot now.

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99/12/24 Nearly-New
Welcome to the new and updated Cult Webpage, complete with new information, a better(?) look and some jokes. I tried to finish for Christmas and it seems like I made it.

My future goals for this site are:

  • To insult and prove how horrible gnomes are.
  • To be the definative scorce on Demise information.
  • To be the definative scource of Demise humour.
  • To get the ego-counter to a really high number.
  • I should be able to succed at the first goal easily considering that they are GNOMES. Number 2 will be a real challenge and I doubt I will ever succed, but with your help I could get at least somewhere. The 3rd will be easy as no one else is even attempting it. The last can be achived in two ways, but I really don't want to hit the refresh button that many times, so please help me out and visit my site a LOT.

    I would like to thank Artegal for giving me his information on the Guilds, saving me time in creating the information page. I would also like to thank GeySkies for letting me use his list of items found as well as all DS for making the Cult in the first place and to all the other people who I forgot to mention, thank you as well.

    A special thanks goes out to DA and the entire Development staff for making the game, especially Frontpage who's bugs made the title of my webpage the only one viewable in Netscape Navigator on the official netlinks page.

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