100 Signs You Are Addicted to Horizons

1 You knew about HZ and have followed it within 1 week of it being announced.
2 You knew about HZ within 1 day of it being announced.
3 You knew of HZ before it was announced.
4 You have more than 2 stars.
5 You have registered the nick ReqCamper on IRC.
6 You have memorized the FAQ.
7 You know who Marty is.
8 You can recite the entire FAQ in 5 minutes.
9 You have 3 computers running simultaneously on Horizons news sites just so you can catch any new information.
10 You know how to spell "Utildayael"
11 You know what a Gnome is
12 You hate Ulairi *grin*
13 You believe that EverQuest is pure crap
14 You read the boards *at least* 5 times a day
15 You can still describe Devils and Obbins
16 You have run multiple websites about Horizons at one time.
17 You got upset because Requnix registered your domain name (he stole it!).
18 You attempt to create a P&P RPG for Horizons to play with your friends prior to release.
19 You are in the horizons chatroom more then you are outside.
20 You have played aoe2 with Gromph and orome more then 20 times.
21 You know Ulairi isn't getting into HZ beta.
22 You understand the war going on between utiladayeal and Ulairi
23 You're heading to Fort Knox to steal the gold to fund HZ.
24 You're stealing newborns from the hospital and sacrificing their blood to Satan for AE to get funding.
25 You're already preparing to seize control of all the governments within 24 hours of release.
26 You hack into AE to get your name on beta list.
27 You stalk David Allen and James Jones for beta information.
28 Every night you burn a EverQuest CD in Horizons' name.
29 You post more than once on a post called "100 signs you are addicted to HZ".
30 All you can think about it how to get into beta
31 From the time you get off work till the time you go to bed your on all the forums posting.
32 You already printed out the map by using print screen over and over cut it out and put it together just to hang up on the wall.
33 All your dreams are about your PC in HZ
34 You think the next two years in your life are wasted time because there is no Horizons to play.
35 You know the HZ site BETTER than the back of your hand.
36 You have bought enormous quantities of foods easily eaten in front of a computer in advance.
37 Every screenshot is burned into the back of your brain.
38 You begin to pray to one of the HZ Gods.
39 You have a picture from the site as your wallpaper.
40 You have horrible nightmares in which Horizons loses funding and another EQ expansion that only makes the game worse comes out.
41 You begin to act like your planned Horizons character.
42 You start to believe that we are not on Earth, but Istaria.
43 You've convinced yourself you ARE Dave Allen
44 You've memorized everyone's name on the forums and their witty signature
45 You've even memorized the who the anonymous users are.
46 You try to summon a demon
47 You Create a Cult to destroy Gnomes
48 Before Talking to anyone you make sure your not in a Race War, Government War or they are your anti-faction.
49 Your addicted to HORIZONS when you actually type HORIZONS in all caps
50 You actually like HORIZONS
51 You've spent several months trying to assemble your own time machine to go forward two years.
52 You are reading this.
53 You already have a list titled "1,000 reasons I cant wait for Horizons"
54 You partitioned your hard drive so that you can save all Horizons-related information into text files on its own drive.
55 You can't count [hey it seems to be a trend.]
56 The IRC logs for #Horizons are taking up a few Gigs.
57 You have a folder with the names, addresses, phone numbers, birth certificate copies, social security numbers, dental records, credit card bills, and random photos of the houses of everyone at Artifact Entertainment. [don't look at me.]
58 You had dreams that AE personally visited your house to give you a welcome certificate into the Horizons beta.
59 You yell, "You ain't so l33t!", at anyone intimidating.
60 You gather as much money as you can to have a HORIZONS convention
61 You convince yourself that you actually summoned a demon.
62 Using your Light magic spells, you try to fight the demon.
63 You do it in the neighbors front yard.
64 Everytime the website loads, you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside.
65 You don't know who you are, where you are, or how you got here... but you can pick out a Jungle Dryad from a Semi-Tropical-Region Dryad blind folded.
66 You have or will kill in the name of HORIZONS.
67 Everynight you leave a bowl of milk out by the door, incase Sarris are real!
68 You spend more time looking around the HORIZONS board then downloading porn!!!
69 You think horizons is going to be better then life
70 You worship me
71 You hate me
72 You know i speak 17 different languages(that how u spell it?)
73 You have been in #horizons for more then 10000 hours in that last year
74 You think Requnix is some kind of god
75 You think scan is gods voice
76 You know what Jellomancer's page is
77 You have personally contributed over 5 megs(War and Peace is 2.5) of the 75 megs of text that has been produced on the irc.sorcery.net chat room.
78 If you try to jump in someones body to posses them
79 If you try to fly off a cliff and fall
80 If you move into the basement of Artifact Entertainment Building
81 Biting someone's body parts off like a dragon
82 If you cut of your genitals to be like an angel (yuk)
83 If you sew butterfly wings to your back like a dryad
84 If you bite your families necks and kill them
85 If you steal someone's stuff and think you will only go to jail for 10 minutes
86 If you call people and say "I will eat you stupid goblins"
87 You use a school notebook to right down ideas you have for HORIZONS.
88 Said notebook actually has more HORIZONS notes than school notes.:)
89 You actually read the trade skill FAQ (couldn't get past the third paragraph).
90 You try to hack the message board database to find out who anonymous Trolls are in real life.
91 You've gone to a bank to ask for a loan to fund HORIZONS.
92 You've called Brad McQuaid, whispered "HORIZONS is going to kick your ass," and hung upon more than three occasions.
93 Are determined to get to fifty on this list before anybody else.:) [Edited---Missed it. Sh*t.]
94 Have named you cat after the Saris character you plan on playing.
95 You actually wept when you heard that HORIZONS may die.
96 Have said, "Do your research" or "Read the FAQ" more than a dozen times.
97 Have had a child in the last six months and have actually named it Scan, Requinix, or Ulari.
98 You've been hit by a trout on more than 6 occasions
99 You have spend more time in the chat room than you did playing EQ for a year
100 You memorized everyones IP address.
101 You spend time trying ot figure out which number is next on the horizons board.
102 You stay anonymous so you can waste the time until HORIZONS comes out by marking your posts in scratches on a stick.
103 You jig a day of work/uni/school so you can be among the first to check out Doug's latest concept art (hey - I actually did this)
104 You're going into hybernation so that you'll awaken fresh just in time for beta so you can play non-stop
105 In addition to 85, your buying a large stock of tinned food so you don't have to leave your house to go replenish supplies
106 You've spent more than an hour just LOOKING at the concept art of the race you wish to play
107 You hate Doug for stuffing up your race by making all the other races so attractive.
108 You've had to answer yes to more than 30 of the 100 signs.
109 You've applied for a job at artifact entertainment in desperate hope you'll get some insider information on Horizons.
110 You've actually read 10 or more of these 100 signs.
111 You actually went through and counted the numbers, and would bet money your numbers are correct. (They ARE right!!!!)
112 You bought a larger monitor to display the HORIZONS map as wallpaper at normal size.
113 When you heard that HORIZONS might have been abandoned, you went into mourning for a week or more.
114 You actually emailed the President of Blizzard Entertainment to inform them of the financial troubles.
115 You got a reply from President of Blizzard thanking you for brining it to their attention. (15 seconds of fame! : )
116 You knew that this list was only "100 signs you are addicted to HZ" and you posted more anyway.
117 You've already written a book on your planed HZ's character describing his/her background and some of his/her adventures.
118 You will spend the next 6 months dreaming of how you can get into beta, rather than playing other games.
119 You spend time thinking of how you can get more stars without it looking like spam.
120 You've read ALL the horizons-related links at horizonvault at least twice
121 You plan your day around checking out the HZ site to see if theres any new news
122 You've consider cyrogenic freeze to speed up the waiting process
123 You spend, and enjoy, haunting this board for hours in anticipation of Horizons
124 You made a direct link between the lack of funding for Horizons, The Kennedy Assasination and the rise of products labeled ''fat free''...
125 You know that there are currently 125 signs as you copied it all to a text file.
126 Your real motive for posting this message was to get more stars.