This page lists the fine memebers of CotAG.

High Priest Dark Schneider
Messiah and Webmaster Ad Nauseam
High Denouncer Lok
Head Torturer Steelfire Dragon
Treasurer Thorn
ExeChef +Andre+
Grand Tenderizer aMiNalShmU
Eviscerator Johan the Storm
Psycholgoical Abuser Azarus
Eater of Fried Gnomes with Lea and Perrins Sauce Artegal
Keeper of Conspicious Knowledge RPGLord
Teabagger of the Cult of the Anti-Gnome DERSKINASOD
Rope Cutter of Spelunking Gnomes Handit Over
Oracle and Recruitment Officer of Fawning Groupies Patra
Doctor of Gnome Suicide Dissonance
Assistant Doctor of Gnome Suicide Snake34o1
Decapitator of Gnomes Chaos Lord
Incinerator of Gnomes NightStalker
Mystic Energy Chaneller Mithrandir
Head Librarian and Foundation Fawning Groupie Librarian at Work
Kneemasher Elenkis
Gnome Corpse Disposal Technician Breyer